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12 Things That Make Education in the USA Better

“Education is the only thing that no one can snatch away from you.– Elin Nordegren
No one can steal knowledge and education from us. The ones who steal others’ possession have no use of knowledge. And the ones, who value education and knowledge, know they can easily share it; hence no point in stealing. Not many countries get it and thus are still struggling to improve their literacy rate. However, the United States of America seems to have understood the essence of education quite accurately. And that’s why the country has a 79% literacy rate. But what are the things that make USA’s education system better? Let’s find out!

Inclusive education system

The best thing about the American education system is its inclusive education system. The United States of America has more than 130,000 public schools, and primary education is a compulsion for all. Furthermore, students don’t have to approach external homework writers to clear their doubts as their school teachers are always available for them.

Free Education

The basic education system in the USA is free. Any family, who relocates there, irrespective of their race or nationality, can send their children to public schools without spending a penny. Furthermore, parents and students have the right to choose the best school that would cater to their academic needs.

Proper Funding

The United States of America knows where to invest money. And thus, the government has funded $764.7 billion for public education. That means the state and the federal government spend at least $15,120 on each student year. Therefore, each student can take full advantage of their budget.

They promote Literacy

The United States of America promotes Literacy, and it’s evident from the above points I have mentioned. However, their literacy promotion is not limited to funds and public schools. Numerous movies like Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting are prime examples.

They acknowledge socioeconomic Influence

The first step to bringing positive change is the acceptance of disparity in society. And The US federal government knows it too well. So, the federal government has taken various steps to mitigate it. The private schools in the USA have more than 1.7 million scholarship programs through which deserving students can receive a top-notch education.

Primary education without aiming for Universities

The US education system discourages sending children to school to prepare them for college and jobs. Instead, the education system aims to educate students with accurate knowledge and smart classes. Furthermore, the US system is divided into 3 programs; elementary, middle or junior high school, and high school. Students receive a diploma after their high school graduation, and after that, they decide whether or not to go to college.

Relationship between teacher and student

American teachers and their students have a great relationship with each other. The teachers work as their students’ mentors, guides, , and friends. Thus, students get hands-on learn their subjects instead of just mugging every answer. Furthermore, teachers help these students to understand and navigate through the world. only academic helps are also availble in usa like essay writers and assignment services.

Emphasis on extra-curricular activities

American schools put a high emphasis on extra-curricular activities. There are various clubs and activities that students need to participate in. These activities help students to develop self-confidence, balance, a sense of responsibility, and various other qualities. Furthermore, these club activities often help students to decide on their careers and prospects.

Diversity among students

Another great thing about the American system is the diversity among students. Every public school and higher education institutions have students from all over the globe. Thus, every school teaches tolerance and harmony among students. Furthermore, American schools often encourage their students to go abroad as exchange students to gather knowledge about countries and cultures.

Personal and professional development

Thanks to the education of the United States of America, most students develop personally and professionally. In addition, due to their multi-dimensional educational culture, most students grow up to become independent thinkers. Thus, these students’ thinking capacity helps to decide about their future and stand responsible for their life choices.

Flexibility in education

Flexible education is the best feature of the United States of America. Students can experiment with subjects within the first two years of university and choose their preferred educational curriculum. Unlike the European education standard, you students don’t have to pay for subjects you don’t want to learn.

Global Recognition

Finally, due to America’s education system and degree value, students get humongous job opportunities once they graduate from schools and colleges. Furthermore, their job opportunities just don’t limit to the USA. These students can bag a job in any part of the world, living their best lives. So yes, indeed, the world is their oyster for these students.
Parting thoughts
The USA has come a long way since its independence, and its education system is the biggest example of it. More than 100,000 international students have relocated to the country for higher education. Author Bio: Jessica Parker is an educationist and a blogger. In addition, she often collaborates with Tophomeworkhelper , where she serves as a homework writer online. In addition, Jessica loves to explore the world and has travelled to more than 20 nations.

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