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An entire overview of Jaisalmer camping


In the westernmost region located in the westernmost part of Rajasthan is the gorgeous city of Jaisalmer situated within the Thar desert. The city that is golden in Rajasthan is situated. You can also do it amazing camel safari jaisalmer

only 575 km from Jaipur and has stunning perspectives of the tombs, and

Sand dunes. Jaisalmer offers stunning architectural marvels from and of Mewar as well as Rajasthani culture, giving visitors an insight into the lavish life of the Rajasthani royalty that ruled this area for a long time. If you’re an avid adventurer, then check the thrilling activities available at Jaisalmer like camel safari and jeep safari, desert biking Hot air ballooning, numerous others. The vast Havelis lakes, the Havelis, and Jain temples will make you captivated by their breathtaking beauty. If you’re looking to travel to Jaisalmer This article will be ideal for you. We will provide you through the most important elements to ensure your journey is easy and comfortable. Let’s take a take a look!

How can I reach Jaisalmer?

The first thing to pop into your mind when making plans for your trip is how do you get to this location.


As Jaisalmer does not have an airport with commercialization in its current state it is a place where you

You will need to travel to the closest one, that is the Jodhpur Airpot, which is about 300 km

far from the city.

Train travel: regarded as one of the most effective options to reach Jaisalmer via train, as the city is connected to major cities such as Jodhpur, Jaipur and Delhi by railways. The most frequent trains to Jaisalmer include “Delhi Jaisalmer

express, the “Howrah Jaisalmer Express,” and the “Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express

There are many automobiles and rickshaws at the station, which you are able to

Take the bus to the city’s centre for the cost of INR 60-70.

Bus: Another great option for getting to Jaisalmer is via bus. There are many buses to choose from if you are coming from a cities in Rajasthan in itself.

If you’re traveling from Delhi or another state, then it’s advisable

To break up your travel (in Ajmer or Jodhpur) to prevent exhaustion.

One of the most popular camps to stay at in Jaisalmer.

Prince desert camp: regarded as to be one of the top camps in Jaisalmer Prince desert camp is the ideal blend of nature and luxury. It has a village-like atmosphere Here, guests will receive well-maintained and spacious, well-maintained tents, with a bed and an attached bathroom that is clean. After you have been welcomed by locals who are a part of the Rajasthani traditions, you’ll be able to choose from experiencing things such as Jeep safaris, camel safaris evening stargazing, bonfire with dancing and music and many more , all for an affordable cost.

that’s only 4k per night.

Damodara Desert Camp This camp follows the minimalist approach and avoids the use of excessive luxurious amenities, making it ideal for those who enjoy nature and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The Swiss tents that are provided are equipped with every essential feature including a comfy bed, and a bathroom with an attached. The most attractive aspect of this camp is the possibility of stargazing from the rooftops or outdoor terrace inside the tent.

Other accommodation options within Jaisalmer include the well-known Serai camp Limra desert camp Desert Safari Camp, Maharaja desert camp and the Sky Desert Camp and numerous others. These camps are all at an affordable price and offer top-quality services and the possibility of providing various kinds and types of desert excursions.

The best time to consider camping in Jaisalmer

The months between September and mid-March are usually thought to be the ideal time to visit this beautiful city. In these months, the city enjoys pleasant weather with temperatures falling less than 35 degrees in average.

Another aspect to be considered prior to visiting the Thar is the availability of camping sites. The majority of camping areas are closed following the march month as the high temperatures aren’t ideal for an enjoyable time in the Thar. This is the reason why making plans for a trip to Jaisalmer following the march is usually not advised. Be sure to bring large jackets if planning to visit during winter, as temperatures at night can be low (but is perfect for stargazing night).

Things to try out when camping in Jaisalmer.

The first thing you must look for when staying in Jaisalmer will be the Rajasthani

dishes. I guarantee you that the Rajasthani flavors will be a treat to your

taste buds!

Once you’re satisfied, don’t be averse to the adventure sports available at this incredible area that offers jeep safaris as well as desert biking and hot ballooning. Sunsets and sunrises will be something to see, bringing a stunning golden ambiance.

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