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Valley of Shadows is another name for Sandhan Valley, because the sun’s rays are not reachable till the gully. It is a difficult, challenging and an enjoyable trek. It is located near Igatpuri. To visit the Sandhan Valley trek we have to first reach Kasara or Igatpuri. The best way to visit the village is by car. It is hardly 5 hours drive from Mumbai, as it is only 200 kilometers away.

In the Sahyadri Mountains, in the Sandhan Valley, adventure lovers come in large numbers. Everyone finds it to be a difficult trek, yet achieving it leaves one with a sense of achievement. It is a place not only for trekking but various other adventurous activities such as rock climbing, Rappelling, camping, etc. It is a short and a beautiful gateway to relax yourself from your routine life.

Suitable time to Visit:

Anytime of the year is a good time to go trekking in Sandhan Valley, but you should avoid the summer months as it can get very hot and humid and will just make you more exhausted. Trekking can be very pleasurable in the winter, autumn, or even during the monsoon season.

Alternative Ways to Reach to Sandhan Valley Trek

To start your trek, you first need to reach Kasara or Igatpuri.From there you need to reach the Samrad village

By train: From CSMT Station in Mumbai, take the Kasara Fast Train to your location. You can take a shared vehicle to Samrad Village from Kasara once you are there. From Kasara and Igatpuri, there are a lot of jeeps accessible for use in Sandhan Valley.

By Bus – You can also travel to Igatpuri-Ghoti by taking a regular bus from Mumbai or Pune. More buses to Samrad Village are available from there, or you can take a shared jeep from there to Samrad Village.

Details of Sandhan Valley Trek for the beginners

You should begin your trek in Samrad, and for the first few hours, you will be walking through areas of shallow water that are between two and four feet deep. Ensure that you have appropriate footwear. You will reach Tarzan Swing Point while going, from which you must rappel and use a rope ladder to descend. After descending, you must indulge in cave crawling while hiking through rocky cliffs. There are also some deep lakes that you must walk across. You can see the Bann pinnacle and the Ajoba Hill from the camping area, which you will reach after passing some wide rocks. 

Continue the trek to Dehne Village from the lake along the hills and riverbed. You can take buses to Asangaon station from here. Or, if the adventure is still not enough for you, you can follow the same path back to Samrad and spend the weekend there. This trek is an amazing experience.

Places for Beginners to explore at Sandhan Valley Trek

AMK Forts

You have to trek uphill which is challenging and also tiring to learn about the historic forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang

Ratangad Fort

The 2000-year-old Ratangad Fort was taken by the legendary warrior Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Sandhan Valley Trek is 4.7 km from this fort. It provides you with one of the most breathtaking views of the Sahyadri Ranges highest mountains. You may add an adventure to an already thrilling trek by trekking to Ratangad fort, which is situated at a height of 4,255 feet. To make the trek more adventurous and interesting, climb a reasonably big hill from Bhandardara to Ratangad Fort.

Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls

From the base camp site you can go to see the waterfall in Ratanwadi.

Amruteshwar Temple

A historic Shiva temple named Amruteshwar Temple was constructed next to the famous Pravara River. It is located 10 km from Sandhan Valley. Those who enjoy historical sightseeing should definitely go to this temple.

Activities the Beginners should try at Sandhan Valley Trek 

Rappelling – This twerk involves rappelling many times, which is an amazing activity to do.

Giant Swing – It is an amazing activity that one should try when you visit the Sandhan valley trek.

Star Gazing – You can enjoy the star gazing along with camping and bonfire. It is a heavenly experience.

Expense Involved

Travel: Self drive costs you around Rs. 6000 to 9000 whereas if you go by train, it costs you near to Rs. 1500 to 2000. (return fares are included). A shared jeep costs Rs. 50 per person. From Mumbai to Bhandardara, bus tickets would cost between Rs. 600 and Rs. 800. 

Accommodation:  In Samrad village, a single night’s stay costs between Rs. 600 and Rs. 800. Budget-friendly stay in Bhandardara starts at Rs. 1000.

Food: It costs around Rs. 500 to 1000 in your meal and munching.

Tips for the Beginners for Sandhan Valley Trek

  • Beginners should consult their guide before starting their trek
  • Trekkers should be physically fit and prepared mentally.
  • Carry water bottle, personal medical kit, snacks, power bank, raincoats
  • Trekking Shoes are compulsory
  • Comfortable Backpack to carry along
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes.


It is an amazing trek for the beginners. Beautiful and adventurous to explore. It is not only budget friendly but also worth trekking for the beginners. Sandhan valley trek is an amazing place to explore.

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