Amid the valley of Parvati, there lies the paradise for all trekkers around the world; Kasol, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh. It truly offers many beautiful mesmerizing views for all the trekkers and visitors. If you are interested in staying here and enjoying the beauty of this place, then you are provided with so many facilities for staying here. Israelites were the people who mostly visited here. This is because they receive such a heavenly feeling while being here. 


You will be able to explore various beautiful things including the hot springs which are present near this Kheer Ganga trek. Truly this is such a serene area in which you will be feeling so lovely in exploring the Parvati River as well as everything present in nature. Tosh and Malana are the nearby villages or places in which people live in harmony with nature, that is, they live very close to nature by respecting and admiring each and everything present in nature so much. Here, a nature-human relationship can be seen very clearly. Truly speaking, the waterfalls present here, the hot springs, the areas fully covered with snow, the forests which contribute more greenery to this region, etc. are enabling paths for having such a strong Human-Nature bonding. One should not miss visiting this place in their lifetime because this is truly a gem that one could ever ask for. The daredevils especially, should not miss visiting this place.


Talking about the travel and vehicles for reaching here, you can opt for different ways. If you are coming from Delhi or Chandigarh, there will not be any direct bus or train connecting to Kasol. Around 32 km away from here, there is a place called Bhuntar in which the airport is situated. If you are catching a train or a bus, then also you need to come to Bhuntar and from Bhuntar, you need to somehow manage to go there by using other private vehicle services. 

Bhuntar to Kasol

From Bhuntar to Kasol there are certain buses available, but they will be only available at some time so if you are going by bus then you need to be very specific about the timings of these buses. Pathankot and Joginder Nagar are the nearby railway stations. If you are willing to trek here, then your trekking journey will be kick-starting from Barshaini, a place near the Parvathi valley. Parvati Kund is this natural hot water spring present here. You need to have spent around 8 to 9 hours hiking to reach the 2950 m high hot spring. This is approximately 13000 feet. Your ailments, problematic mind, worries, etc. will get washed away just by having a nap in this warm water. Your body and mind will feel rejuvenated after this. From Barshaini, you will be going towards the village named Tosh. It is advised not to hike to Kheer Ganga trek from here in just a day. But if you are an expert in adventurous activities or if you are a daredevil, then you can do it. Around 13 to 14 hours will be there for you to cover from here.

Place kasol

In Kasol, you will be welcomed by a street area in which certain cuisines make food not only for Indians but also for foreigners, especially the Israelites. There are certain Israeli cuisines available here because of the abandoned number of Israeli visitors and trekkers. German, as well as Chinese restaurants, are also available here. You can visit this place throughout the year, which is at any time favorable for you. You need to check on the instructions and descriptions given by the concerned authorities or any sources about the atmospheric conditions as well.

 During the winter season

 During the winter season, it is advised not to visit here for just a few weeks. This is because sometimes, there are chances of snowfall as well. The monsoons usually make the Kheer Ganga trek a bit difficult. This is because the trails and other paths became slippery because of the monsoon. From April to November, you can visit here as this is considered to be the best time to trek here. The best months for visiting here are April, May, September, and October. One important thing that you can note is the fluctuations in the temperature of Kheer Ganga. This place also has several historical as well as religious significance. Nearby villages like Nakhtan and Rudra Nag are also beautiful places to explore. So, guys come in to delve deep into the green ocean of adventures!

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