awesome product boxes in the soap industry

The ultimate guide for making awesome product boxes in the soap industry.

As a soap maker, you know that product packaging is important. You have to sell your products in an attractive way so people will buy them from you. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a custom-made box for each type of soap. Creating custom printed bath bomb boxes can be expensive and time consuming, but it’s worth it.

When you make your own boxes, you can create them exactly the way you want, with all the information people need to know about the soap inside. You can save money while creating an image for your business that will last. If you already have some experience making your own soap boxes, good for you.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

The size of the product box depends on what it’s holding.

Example: A bar of soap needs a smaller box than bath bombs or scrubs. But if your product is shaped differently, you might need to put it in a larger box. The height and width of the paper should be double the height of your soap plus about an inch. You can also use stronger paper for larger boxes or thicker paper if you’re making more than one box at a time.

The main goal of the product box design usually is to make the box look good, while still protecting the product.

This means you should spend some time on making your art attractive and eye-catching, but also functional. When you are designing a soap box, it is cool to have illustrations that show what’s inside the box. But if there are no words written on the package, customers who do not know what is in the box will not buy it. There are many different ways to design a package- for example, with an illustration and text or just text or just an illustration. You should choose one that looks good and doesn’t scare away new customers.

Finding a balance between protection and aesthetics can be difficult sometimes .

You want your boxes to look good and be protected. You don’t want people to get their new soap in a box that looks like it has been dragged across the galaxy or someone’s new body lotion in a box that is broken. So find some balance between how your box looks and how well it protects your product.

Another thing you need to think about when designing product boxes is eco-friendliness.

Many of the people who sell products on Etsy make things by hand, like me. If you are deciding what company to buy from or if you are looking for a company to sell your products for you, this is one more thing that can make people want to buy from your store instead.

If you want to make the best possible soap boxes for your business, here are some tips and recommendations:

1.    Think about colors and materials.

You can choose whatever color and material you like, but there is a good chance that it will affect sales of your products. Customers buy based on their emotional responses to things they see, not just on logical choices. Your product boxes need to show people how your soap will make them feel. Some people might get happy or content or something else from using your soap, so you should use pictures of the things they will get to show this. And if someone likes how it makes them feel, they’ll buy it more often.

2.    Make sure your product box looks professional –

It is important to have a good design for the box, even if it’s a present for your grandmother. Hire a professional designer or make sure you know what you’re doing if you’re going to try and design it yourself. A poorly-designed box will say that you care about everything else but not designing the box right.

3.    Make it easy to open –

Some customers may have difficulty opening your product box. If possible use something that isn’t tape to seal the mailer boxes, if you must then make sure that there’s some way for them to open it without ruining the presentation.

4.    It doesn’t matter what shape the packaging is –

While most boxes are square or rectangular, people don’t usually eat soap anyway. They will not care about the shape of the box as long as it works well with their purchase decision and makes you look like a professional business person who follows through on promises.

5.    Make sure your videos aren’t long –

Your customers want to learn about your soap product, you need to show it in action. They don’t have time or interest to watch a long video on how it’s made.

7.    Don’t make something that they can already buy somewhere else –

If they are shopping for handmade soap boxes then they want something unique and different. Sure you might think your design is novel but if they saw the exact same thing somewhere else online before then you’ve got no chance of really standing out meaningfully from the competition in terms of product packaging alone.

8.    Make sure your website goes without saying –

Many businesses still sell their products on sites like Etsy and other websites. But it’s important that your website is professional and has everything that they need to know. It should also look good. If you do not have a website then people will decide from what they see in other places, which can be bad because there are not many pictures of your product.

7.    Make sure it’s something that people would actually use –

while I’m not saying that everyone who buys handmade soap boxes has to be a filthy hippie or an avid environmentalist, many people want to purchase handmade soap boxes that they can feel like they can use even after opening it once.


The benefits of making your own soap boxes are plentiful. You can save money, create an image for your business that will last, and make sure the information people need to know about each type of soap is on display in a way you find attractive.

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