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5 Benefits Of Having Open-plan Living

Are you planning to renovate soon? Usually, it starts in the kitchen, and you can work through other parts of the house. But even so, you should already have a plan for the whole house before starting in the kitchen.

When planning to renovate, you should have plenty of time to think about your dream house. Since you’re renovating, we assume that there’s something in your house that no longer fits your needs. So it’s fine to assess everything first before deciding on what’s best for you and your family.

To help you get started, one of the most popular plans is open-plan living. It’s when there are no dividers between the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Since open-plan living became popular nowadays, even homeowners having kitchen renovations end up with this option.

So even if you’re not yet planning to renovate the entire house, at least you can consider this option which can bring a big change.

Still not ready for open-plan living? Here are five benefits you should know!

1. More natural light

Open-plan living allows natural light to enter the house. Since there are limited barriers, you can add bigger windows and even glass doors.

But even if you don’t have big windows in the kitchen and dining area, you can maximise the outdoor connection in the living room. And since the three rooms are connected, the natural light entering the living room can still reach the others.

Why do you need natural light inside your home? Well, aside from the brightness it brings to your home, being exposed to natural light has lots of health benefits. Some of these benefits are better sleep, better mood, and productivity.

Imagine the view of your house inside and out when you wake up in the morning. You welcome the new day by sipping coffee with a smile on your face. Isn’t it relaxing?

2. More space

Since there are no partitions between the three rooms, there’s more space to use for other essentials. Besides, having dividers or partitions can make the rooms look smaller. Without them, there’s an illusion that the room becomes bigger than before.

In addition, if you love spending time in the kitchen, you can easily communicate with the rest of the family members hanging out in the living area. But if you still like to feel the difference between these rooms, you can always add some subtle dividers like a simple rack.

So if you’re planning for kitchen renovations, try to consider an open-plan living, especially if you want a bit more space.

open-plan living

3. Energy-efficient

Beyond the aesthetic of having an open-living plan is the benefit of saving more energy. It’s easier to maintain the temperature in the space if it’s open. With that, the energy bill becomes lower. If you open

Imagine having three different rooms where you need a separate heater or air-conditioner to maintain the temperature you like, compared to only one. The same goes for lightning during the day. If there’s enough natural light entering the house, there’s no need to turn on the artificial lighting.

So if you’re looking for energy-efficient home renovation ideas, don’t hesitate to try open-plan living.

4. Perfect for hosting parties

Do you enjoy hosting parties? Open-plan living can make entertaining guests a lot easier. Since you can easily see everyone, you can stay in just one place, and see everyone come. In addition, if you’re busy in the kitchen, newcomers don’t have to find you there. Instead, they can just wave and talk to you when you’re free. As a host, you can be in three different rooms at once.

Besides, if there are different rooms, people will just group themselves. It’s like having a few different small parties in a venue. Moreover, if there’s a main event, not everyone will be able to see it.

open-plan living

5. Adds property value

Since open-plan living is one of the most popular functions in modern homes, it can easily add value to your property. As mentioned, this design makes the place looks bigger. So if ever you want to sell the house in the future, buyers can also see the benefits of the design.

Furthermore, not every home renovation idea can increase property value. And if you’re renovating the entire house, it’s a smart move to pick the ideas that will give you profit in the future.

But whether you’re going to sell the property or not, you’ll still be able to make the most out of it.

If you’re going to watch some home renovation series, you can find a lot of ideas when it comes to the best options. Usually, in kitchen renovation, open-plan living is recommended, especially if the space is limited.

So if you’re interested in this idea, don’t hesitate to discuss it’s possible with your builders. Let us know your decision by leaving a comment below!

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