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Greeting Cards: 5 People To Send Them When You Graduate

Graduation is an important phase and achievement of everyone’s life. You went through many challenges, made hard choices, and did odd jobs to complete your graduation degree. Since it’s a very long journey, there are many people who helped you a lot throughout your journey. Your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, and siblings play a very vital role in motivating you, helping you grow as an individual, and letting you get familiar with your potential capabilities. 

On such an auspicious occasion, you should send thanksgiving sort of greeting cards to let them know that you acknowledge their efforts. Hand-made cards look so pretty while portraying your emotions the best. But, as you have to spend a lot of cards with a bunch of people, you can contact Lan Merde.

They have a range of services including printing and supplying art and craft essentials. So, no matter what option you choose, contacting them would be of great help to you. 

Now, let’s get started with what people you should surprise with greeting cards, and what are other ways you can make the moment more magical and larger than life. 

Your Parents Truly Deserve It

There is no need to say this as everybody is familiar with the universal fact that parents love their children selflessly and do a lot of things for them. At your graduation, nothing can be more delightful than sending warm wishes to your parents by letting them know that you know how many hardships they have faced during fulfilling your dreams. Now, parents and guardians are similar as some people lost their parents and their elder siblings, aunt or uncle took the responsibility to raise them. So, take a moment to think and appreciate your family no matter what terms you are at with them. 

You can make a little effort for them by sending an assorted box of cupcakes, chocolates, or anything which is their favorite because it takes a little effort to turn moments into memories.

Your Favourite Professors

Everyone has a favorite teacher or professor in their school or university. It’s not that you are influenced by their personality but it’s about they made themselves approachable, human-friendly, and kind so that students can talk to them.

Other than that, some teachers really helped you and guided you during the entire time. So, how about sending cordial wishes explaining everything you think of them, and praising their kind gesture? Teachers or professors love such sweet gestures of saying thanks to their students as for them, it’s like a reward and award. 

To make it unforgettable, you can get them a pen or a book or anything that describes their profession the best. If you are confused that how to start and what to write in a greeting card, let us be your helping hand. We have suggested you some incredible wishes and messages you can send to your professors. 

For example;

I can’t describe in words how thankful I am to have you as my professor and mentor. As everybody in the university knows that you are my favorite history teacher and it would be an honor for me if you come to my graduation ceremony and join me on my bid day. 

Your Siblings 

You live in a group of people who love, live, laugh, and fight with you over silly matters. But, when you need moral support, financial help, or anything, they stand with you no matter what and that’s how siblings are. 

Celebrate your big moment with your siblings and send a greeting card by writing some funny yet lovely thank you lines. Adding a personal touch to it by gifting tees, an art and craft set, or anything can make everything a little cute and pretty for them. It’s not necessary that you must gift anything with a greeting card.
It’s entirely up to how you want to say thank you to your people. Sending a gift is nice but old-fashioned, you can send them an eGift card so your siblings will shop for anything of their choice. Here are some lines you can prefer to write in the greeting cards.

WOO-HOO! I am thrilled to celebrate my graduation day with you because you were my helping hand throughout the degree!”

Though you are so annoying, fussy, and dumb, I still love you and thank the Almighty that you are my brother who never gave up on me. Be there at my graduation ceremony on time with a gift as I’ll send you one with the greeting card too

Your Supportive Manager 

Graduation is not easy when you don’t have a strong support system behind you. People till graduation do many odd jobs, part-time or full-time, and managing both work-life and student life is hectic. But, having an understanding manager or boss can ease your pain.

When the managers allow you to take a half-day for your extra class or projects without deducting your salary, it’s basically they are being supportive of your education and value it as much as you do. 

So, valuing such people in your life can open more opportunities and boost your growth as an individual. They ask you nothing and for them, it would be of great shock if you send them a greeting card. So, start letting your favorite people know that you know the efforts they make for you and that it’s a blessing having such understanding and supportive people in life. 

Last but Not Least- Your Bffs

You know how to say thanks to such crazy yet amazing people in your life. Chances are that your buddy is going to graduate with you this year so there are many opportunities for you to make it more special. 

Try to wear matching outfits and be there for them if they need any help. Plan your big day together and if you have a whole squad then it would be super incredible to get graduate together. 

Shop gifts and greeting for your BFFs and let them know that you, your life, and everything is incomplete without them.

In the End

Don’t waste your time looking for a gift card shop when you get custom greeting cards much more easily. Just visit Lan Merde and it’s done.

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