6 Go-To WP LinkedIn Feed Plugins For 2023

6 Go-To WP LinkedIn Feed Plugins For 2023

In today’s day and age of internet dominance, we are all seeking professionalism and credibility online. To our surprise, we have one of the leading social networking sites, which is LinkedIn. All professionals to newbies in the working spectrum are on LinkedIn to get notified and be vigilant about new and upcoming work trends. Adding LinkedIn feeds on your websites helps keep and maintain a suitable professional network and image on the internet. However, hunting down the most suitable LinkedIn feed plugins for WordPress websites can sometimes be an enduring and tedious task. Not to worry much; we are here to help our readers to excel in this mammoth task!

We have curated a list of the 6 best LinkedIn feed plugins that can give useful insights to our readers and assist them in creating some really well-designed and professional websites to attract more website visitors.

Some Amazing WordPress LinkedIn Feed Plugins:

Here are some of our top picks that can help our readers to embed LinkedIn feeds on their WordPress websites. Our readers are requested to carefully review the LinkedIn feed plugins below for WordPress websites before finalizing the most appropriate one for their use.

1. Tagembed:

The first plugin on our list is Tagembed. This a prominent social media aggregator tool and the LinkedIn feed plugin provided by Tagembed for WordPress websites is exceptionally well. In a world dominated by heavy technical and complicated plugins, Tagembed comes to the user’s rescue with its super easy and accessible plugin. It is user-friendly and provides the utmost creative liberty for customization and personalization. The plugin also provides a wide range of fonts, layouts, and styling options. The display and look of the website will definitely improve after using these provided options.

The Tagembed plugin allows the user to collect and curate the desired LI feeds to be showcased on the website in just a few clicks. The best part is that the plugin is completely coding-free and comes with a handy profanity filter that segregates and moderates the unrequired and irrelevant content. Only the best ones go on your website!

2. Social Snap:

Social Snap is an incredible plugin in the world of multiple WP plugins. The plugin allows you to take advantage of prominent social networking platforms such as LinkedIn. The user can have general and creative ideas that can be implemented using the plugin’s customizable necessary tools. The user can also monitor the performance of the embedded feeds on the preferred website.

Besides adding many new posts and feeds, the user also gets an alternative to display and rejuvenate the older posts to intrigue the website visitors’ interest. With less to no coding knowledge required to access the plugin, the user does not require external assistance. Moreover, the website’s alignment and performance do not get hampered.

3. WordPress LinkedIn in Autopublish

WP LinkedIn Autopublish is a lightweight and very compatible WP plugin. The plugin offers some interesting features; as its name goes, automation and rapid updates are key features.

The plugin swiftly links your website blogs and custom content to your desired LinkedIn profiles.

Various layouts and themes presented by the plugin are stupendous, and the automatic publishing feature adds feathers to the cap. The user can pick and choose between simple text-based sharing or any advanced sharing options. Lastly, the plugin provides handy shortcodes as a default share message.

4. Ultimate Blocks:

Then we have a great deal for new beginners in website designing and styling they can blindly opt for Ultimate Blocks. This free WP plugin assists in building amazing, professional-looking websites. And it offers some remarkable and mind-boggling features to personalize the LI feeds widget. It enables users to fix the share button’s shape, size, color, and font. This plugin is free of cost. Thus, it is an ideal option for budding developers. 

5. Best Web Soft LinkedIn:

Next, another amazing WP plugin is BWSL which enhances your embedding experience more convenient and hassle-free. This is an extremely impactful plugin to utilize the potential of LI, as its name suggests. The plugin acts as a catalyst, stimulates the website’s performance, and helps it outshine its competitors. 

The plugin also supports a create and share LinkedIn id button and allows the user to decide the position of this button independently. The button then would be showcased and updated automatically. The user also gets to select and finalize the look and adjustments of the LinkedIn button as per their requirements.

The user can also upgrade to its Pro version owing to the performance and suitability of the plugin.

6. Nextend Social Login:

Here we come to, last but not least, a plugin that can embed LinkedIn feeds on websites: Nextend Social Login. The plugin is very progressive yet extremely convenient to use. The first step itself can say this as its registration and Login is simple and also enables you to register through your social media account’s credentials and ids.

The plugin is built in a format that integrates seamlessly with the WP., and along with that, the plugin even allows the user to add multiple LinkedIn account feeds on your website.

The user can very easily select the display font and the location of the LinkedIn share button. The plugins offer a variety of styling templates and designs to choose from to make the website look more professional and beautiful at the same time. The free trial version of the plugin is available, along with the paid version for other integrations.

Over To You:

LinkedIn is hands down one of the most prominent and leading social networking platforms, and adding LinkedIn feeds to your website will add to the website’s credibility and professionalism. We have mentioned some of the best LinkedIn feed plugins for WP websites. We hope our readers find this piece of information valuable and useful. And the readers can create amazing websites to hook the existing audience and woo new website visitors, eventually leading to better website traffic.

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