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How To Become A Full-Time Boater

As full-time boaters, we strive to be the best at our work. We constantly try new things, whether growing our businesses or expanding into new markets. But it can be challenging. Finding time for those things and balancing them with the demands of a busy lifestyle are some of the greatest challenges full-time boaters face today. Before ordering boat parts from PartsVu, we want to aware you from several factors that a boater should know!

Read Up On Boating

There are tons of resources about boating, from legal stuff to safety tips to practical advice like keeping your boat in good running condition and handling emergencies. You can find all of it at PartsVu!

Don’t Overlook That You Have Responsibilities Ashore Too

When you become a full-time boater, don’t overlook that you have responsibilities ashore too. You need to be able to communicate with other people on your boat and the shore. You’ll need to know how to handle emergencies and what to do when one occurs. You’ll need to know who’s in charge on board and how much authority they have. And most importantly, you’ll need to learn how to deal with emergencies of all kinds—from minor repairs to bigger problems like sinking boats or broken pumps.

Start With A List Of The Most Important Things

You must ensure that your boat is in good condition and well-maintained. You should also have a list of things that need to be fixed or replaced, so you can plan when it’s time to do those things. You should add helpful tips on maintaining your boat and what tools are needed for different repairs.

Next, figure out how much money you want to spend on replacing or repairing certain parts of your boat. For example, if you’re buying new fuel filters, look up the prices online to know how much you’ll be spending before purchasing them.

Once you’ve identified what needs fixing or replacing on your boat, figure out how much money it will cost and how long each job will take (including labor). Then create an estimate of these projects’ total cost and add them together. If there’s still more than enough money left over after paying for everything else that needs doing, then go ahead and start working on these projects now!

Get A Boat Specific Checklist

To become a full-time boater, you will want to get a boat specific checklist. This list will include things like:

  • What is the fuel capacity of your boat?
  • How many gallons are in your tank?
  • How many gallons do you have left in reserve?
  • Do you have enough life vests for everyone on board?
  • Do you have all the tools needed to fix any problems?

Get Insurance Coverage For Your New Boat

You should also look into getting insurance on your new boat. This will help protect you if something happens while you’re on your boat or if a defect in the boat itself injures someone.

Practice Safety And Be Attentive When Underway

It’s important to practice safety and be attentive when underway. This includes:

  • Always have a plan for your boat (and know how to get back to it if something goes wrong).
  • Be prepared for unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen situations that may arise during any given trip.
  • Practicing good seamanship, which means appropriately using the tools at hand (like an anchor) to navigate different waters safely.
  • Being informed about laws and regulations governing boating activities in local waters, including where you’re allowed to anchor or moor your boat overnight.

Learn How To Use Your Equipment

You don’t need to be an expert to take up boating, but you do need to be competent in using your equipment. Whether a boat or a kayak, first-time boaters often get stuck with some basic skills that can help them get going. Here are a few things you should know how to:

  1. start your engine
  2. read and understand your boat’s manual
  3. change out your spark plugs
  4. change out your fuel filter
  5. change out your oil filter

Protect Yourself From The Elements

When you’re on the water, protecting yourself against the elements is important. You can wear a life jacket and life vest when you’re boating. Life jackets are designed to keep you afloat in case of accidents and give you extra buoyancy, while vests provide added protection against sharp objects that can puncture a boat or wreck your boat if it hit one.

You should also wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions you’re experiencing. For example, if it’s getting cold out, it’s best to wear layers underneath your jacket and vest so that you don’t get too cold. If it’s raining or snowing, ensure your clothes are waterproofed with wax or oil, so they don’t get ruined during these extreme weather conditions.

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