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Breakthrough Treatments for Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, cancer was the world’s leading cause of death in 2020, resulting in the deaths of close to 10 million people. Some typical cancers include breast, lung, and colon cancer.

A possible “golden age” of cancer treatment has been made possible by outsized advances in knowledge of human biology at the molecular and genetic levels. Personalised treatments for individual patients on medication targeting cancerous cells and even retraining the body’s immune system make it possible to handle the tumour. Meet our specialist oncologists in Adelaide if you are considering a health checkup.

Australians cover up to prevent skin cancer, but there is another type of melanoma that doctors warn about for its potential fatality. Ocular melanoma, or skin cancer in the eye, is a “serious” diagnosis, and Australians are taking extra care with UV index levels reaching severe levels during summer. If you do not get regular eye tests, schedule one immediately, especially if you are over 40 or have fair skin and light-coloured hair. 

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Medical advancements have bolstered the global fight against cancer. The post highlights the recent advances that have the potential to significantly change the paradigm of cancer treatment in the coming years. Here are a few current developments.

1 Precision Oncology

The best new approach to fighting cancer is precision oncology. Finding alterations in cells that might be causing cancer to grow and spread requires analysing the genetic makeup and molecular properties of cancer tumours.

Customised therapies such as precision oncology, as opposed to general treatments like chemotherapy, result in less damage to healthy cells and have fewer side effects. Customised therapies could be more helpful in some cases.

2 Genetic Testing

Many people at a high risk of cancer are unaware of it. Physicians focus on identifying such people and helping manage or eliminate that risk. The procedure is Genetic Testing.

In the coming years, Genetic Testing may drastically alter cancer treatment. Additionally, by examining a person’s unique DNA, doctors may find mutations putting them at high risk for developing specific cancers and subsequently put the patient on prevention-focused screening and treatment procedures.

3 CAR-T-Cell Therapy

Cancer-fighting oncologists now have a brand-new weapon in their inventory, CAR-T-cell therapy. CAR-T-cell therapy is a treatment that directs the immune system of an individual to find and destroy cancer cells.

Immunotherapy uses the body’s immune system’s strength to combat cancer cells. These tailored immunotherapies are very promising against a variety of cancers.

4 Clinical Trial Diversity is Growing

Different physical, genetic, environmental, and sexual orientation-related factors and vulnerabilities affect an individual’s susceptibility to diseases. Medicine may affect individuals differently depending on their age or ethnicity.

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