Hostbillo Big Diwali Sale: Get 15% Off on Dedicated Server India

Hostbillo Big Diwali Sale: Get 15% Off on Dedicated Server India

Every website owner is looking to choose the best web hosting type to host the website. But before choosing any web hosting type Business owners sets a budget. Sometimes within his budget, there is sometimes difficult to buy a Hosting. So on this Diwali, there is one great opportunity to buy a Hosting for the website. Hostbillo offers a Dedicated server India with a Huge discount. They offer 15% OFF on Dedicated server Plans in India. One impotant thing about a server is they give a whole space to hosting a website. As a result, you gain hosting flexibility, customizability, high-grade data security, and full root-level server access. 

In this guide, you will get complete information related to Hostbillo’s Diwali sale and how you took advantage of this sale. 

About Hostbillo 

Hostbillo is a highly popular web hosting company all over the world. They give satisfactory and excellent services to their customers. The company offers the best dedicated hosting India plans that come with numerous benefits. This enables you to make your website deliver consistent optimal performance throughout, even under traffic peaks. The company strives at the forefront to accommodate all the demands & necessities of different types of websites. Further Hostbillo technical team is always ready to solve any technical issue a Customer faces. In Hostbillo’s technical team certified and experienced people are there. 

This Diwali, Hostbillo Offers Some Exciting Discounts on Dedicated Server India

On the Festival of Diwali Hostbillo announced a Hige discount on a dedicated server hosting India Plans. The Sale started on 5th October and will operate till 18 October 2022. So without wasting the time Take an advantage of an amazing deal for your website. 

Hostbillo is delivering a flat 15% on India dedicated hosting plans. While you are placing the order for your aptest plan at Hostbillo, you must make sure to use the coupon code “DLDEDIBILLO15”  for the annual plan of the dedicated server India to activate the discount offer. 

Reasons Why You Buy a Dedicated Server India From Hostbillo 

Reasons Why You Buy a Dedicated Server India From Hostbillo 

Mentioned below there are some benefits that give Hostbillo with its Dedicated server plans. You can enjoy these benefits when buying a dedicated server From Hostbillo. Let’s have a quick glance at them!

  • With Dedicated server plans, Hostbillo gives DDOS protection to fight against DDOS attacks. Also, they give full security against malware and viruses. 
  • With Hostbillo’s dedicated server plans you will get a 99.90% uptime guarantee.
  • If any customer faces a technical issue then Hostbillo’s technical team sole the error as much as possible. They give 24*7 Instant Technical support with their Dedicated server India Plans.  
  • Without paying any money you will get an SSL certificate with Hostbillo’s dedicated server plans. And you will know that an SSL certificate plays an important role. 
  • Hostbillo provides high-speed network connectivity & unlimited bandwidth to help you advance your web business.
  • With dedicated hosting, India Hostbillo gives a choice of choosing a Control Panel. 
  • Hostbillo gives an opportunity of choosing an operating system with dedicated server plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale active now? 

Yes, Hostbillo’s Diwali sale is active now. You can absolutely avail the benefits of the sale by making use of the coupon codes mentioned in this article at your checkout.

  1. What are the other discounts available in the Diwali Sale?

Hostbillo web hosting company is also providing huge discounts from 30% to 45% on other web hosting solutions on the occasion of the Independence day sale. 

  1. Is there a Hostbillo promo code available for new customers?

Yes, the company provides amazing deals for new customers & clients. You can check out the deals and their promo codes on the informational website of the Hostbillo web hosting company.


If you want to buy an India dedicated hosting then there is one opportunity that will save some money. On this Diwali, Hostbillo announces a Diwali sale. In this sale, Hostbillo gives a 15% Off on Dedicated Server India Plans. The Diwali sale started on 5th October and ends on 18 October 2022. There are only limited days so before sales ends take advantage of that. You can use the Coupon Code “DLDEDIBILLO15” when you place the order. 

Further, dedicated server hosting India terminates all the restrictions & limitations that you can encounter with other web hosting services available in the market. Moreover, since you acquire the entire web server space as well as web resources with the India dedicated server hosting, you have to be responsible for handling & administering your web hosting server well.

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