How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

Knowing how to construct your own smoothie is a skill that is definitely worth having. Nothing is better tasting and better for you than a perfectly made fruit and or vegetable smoothie.


Start with fresh and ripe ingredients. If fresh is not available then frozen will do. It will just end up being a little creamier. Make sure to use a variety of ingredients to create a balanced flavor and taste.

Equipment & Measurement

Having a good blender or food liquefier is a must. You don’t want the process of making your smoothie to be laborious and troublesome. Spend the money on the good equipment. 

Proper measuring tools are in order as well. You want to make sure you are making the recipe correctly so that the taste is as designed. 

Add-Ins and Supplements

Experiment with suggested add-ins. Protein powder, honey, nuts, and even liquid supplements are good way to experiment with the flavor profile. You will learn what you like and make adjustments on the fly.


Adjusting the creaminess, viscosity, sweetness, tardiness and other factors will make your smoothie the exact way that you want it. Don’t be afraid to try making it into a smoothie bowl and add fruits and nuts on top. 

In conclusion, there are several things to remember. This is your smoothie and there is no wrong way or right way to make it. Also, sometimes you may get a bad piece of fruit or vegetable. If the smoothie doesn’t taste right, discard it and start over. Smoothies in OBX are always made with fresh fruits and vegetables and tested daily for quality.

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