Is the AU Bank Altura Credit Card Best for Getting the Most Grocery Rewards?

There are various credit cards available on the market today that cater to various needs. So, in this competitive environment, why will the grocery section be ignored? As a result, a number of banks have launched credit cards that offer fantastic rewards for grocery purchases. As we all know, groceries are an important part of our monthly budget. Hence, a significant amount of money is spent on groceries each month. As a result, there was a need for a financial service that could assist us in saving money on it.

The AU Bank Altura Credit Card has been launched with the intent to offer rewards on their every month grocery expenses. Furthermore, it also offers benefits from various other categories like railway lounge access, fuel surcharge waiver, add-on card facility, and many more. Read more to know all about the “Is the AU Bank Altura Credit Card Best for Getting the Most Grocery Rewards?”

What makes the AU Bank Altura Credit Card the best among others?

The AU Bank Altura Credit Card is one of the best and most reliable options to get value-back rewards on purchasing groceries. However, it is one of the best credit cards available in the market that you can use every time for your daily purchases. As it offers ease of use and convenience. When you pay the joining fee you will get a welcome benefit. The benefits, on the other hand, includes 5% Cashback on a minimum of INR 2,500 in retail spending within the first 60 days of card activation.

Furthermore, the credit card offers cashback of up to 2% on all retail purchases. As a result, spending at grocery stores, department stores, and utility bill payments are all eligible for 2% cashback. In addition, all other retail purchases earn 1% cashback. You will be eligible for an additional INR 50 benefit. To get that, you must spend INR 1 lakh on each statement cycle. 

As we stated above it offers amazing grocery rewards on everyday purchases. You can, however, use it to get two complimentary railway lounge visits per year. Simply use your VISA credit card at railway stations to obtain it. In addition, a 1% fuel surcharge waiver is included. It enables you to save money when filling up petrol pumps.

Credit cards are fascinating tools for obtaining everyday benefits. But what if your credit card is stolen or lost? There have been numerous reports of cards being lost or stolen. It did, however, place us in a difficult situation because we didn’t know what to do. As a result, the bank now backs the credit card with zero-loss liability card protection. It however implies that the cardholder will not be liable for any loss if the card is lost or stolen. Hence, this AU Bank Credit Card is also launched with this zero-loss liability coverage. However, in order to get the benefit of it you need to report the bank as soon as possible for fraudulent transactions that occurred with your credit card. 


The Altura Credit Card is one of the best grocery rewards credit cards on the market. As previously stated, it provides a wide range of benefits that can help you save a significant amount of money. However, in order to obtain this AU Credit Card, you must pay a joining fee of INR 199. When compared to the joining fee, the benefits are enormous. Currently, only Indian citizens between the ages of 21 and 60 are eligible to apply for a card, according to the bank. Furthermore, it is a contact card so you can easily pay all your expenses with a quick click. 

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