New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Is the New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Really an Improvement

If you’ve been a fan of the Samsung Z Flip lineup, then you know that they didn’t quite get the running start they hoped for. Since they were the very first company that released a successful foldable smartphone, there were a few hiccups. Last year, unlike the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, people were skeptical about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 when it first came out.

There were many whispers that it wasn’t very good or it wouldn’t last long, but from my personal experience, these statements are mostly wrong. Granted, it does depend on how the person is using the phone, but it also depends on the overall durability of the phone itself. That’s why today, I’ll be answering the question of is the Z Flip 4 really an improvement over its predecessor Samsung mobile phones.

Therefore, here are the topics that we’ll cover in this article.

  • The previous issue with Z Flip lineups
  • Is the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 really an improvement

With that said, let’s start by going over a few of the flaws that came with the Z Flip series.

The Previous Issue with Z Flip Lineups

It’s not a piece of hidden information that the very first iteration of the Z Flip Samsung mobile phone had smooth sailing. Don’t get me wrong; it was a very successful smartphone with the right direction in mind. After a few years of trial and error, they’ve finally made sure that their users get the best possible experience in the form of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

After using this device for a few months, I can assure you that it works wonderfully. This point is even more enforced by the fact that I’ve used the first generation of the Z Flip series. As one of the very first people in my inner circle of tech lovers to use this foldable phone, I also noticed a few major issues with it. 

To understand why the Z Flip 4 is an improvement over the previous iterations, you need to learn about the issues the said iterations faced. These issues are as follows.


The durability of the foldable displays on the Z Flip phones was a major concern because the display of the phone was made using a soft screen which could be easily damaged. Plus, the fact that it now uses more mechanical parts to fold the phone. Several users reported that after just a few months, their screens started to wear down a bit.


Speaking of mechanical parts which are used to bend the phone, the hinges are the main center of the flip phone that helps to open and close it. Since the hinges of the first flip phone weren’t so great, there were a few issues with them.

Display issues:

Another one of the issues that the display of the phone had was that there were small bubbles or wrinkles on the foldable display, which were caused by the folding and unfolding of the device.

Limited app support:

At the time of its release, there was limited support for foldable displays in the app ecosystem, which limited the functionality of the Z Flip phones.

These were only a few of the main issues that came with the phone, which mostly dismayed most of the people who wanted to buy one for themselves. This stigma has also been carried over from those iterations to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Is the New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Really an Improvement

Now, the biggest question that most of you might have is, “Did the new Samsung Z Flip 4 really come with improvements, or is it just a big sham?” The answer to this question isn’t something that most people will agree with, but I do think it has a few improvements.

The durability of this particular lineup of Samsung mobile phones has improved drastically over the past few years. The phone may still be a bit less durable than their flagship phones like the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but it’s still relatively better.

Samsung also claims that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 can fold up to 200,000 times. Even if you open and close this phone about 180 times a day (and this is a very generous guess because we all know we won’t be opening and closing this phone that much😅), you can use this phone for about 3 years without any worries.

Plus, it comes with all of the latest techs, like the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, dual 12 MP rear cameras with OIS, IPX8 water resistance, etc. I highly recommend that you check this phone out, and the best place to buy it from is Wise Market PK.

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