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In-Demand Highest Paying Microsoft Certifications in 2022 – 2023

Microsoft Windows is the most popular software on the planet, with millions of PCs running this OS. It resulted in MS creating various servers-specific tools, app development, and Microsoft Certifications to keep up with the growing demands.

From a student’s or job seeker’s point of view, having the ability to complete any of the most prestigious and sought-after Microsoft certifications can give them an excellent career path that will allow them to advance because these courses are linked to the OS the company has created. It is possible to learn what these certificates mean and then seek the one most relevant to you for better job prospects.

What Microsoft certification is the best for those who are just starting?

Microsoft provides certifications based on their level of expertise. The most suitable certification for novices and among the most prestigious Microsoft Certifications credentials is AZ 900: Microsoft Azure Fundamental. There are no prerequisites and the course covers the basics of cloud computing and Azure. This certification validates your expertise in three areas Cloud concepts and terminology, Azure structure and services and Azure administration and management.

Which Microsoft certificate should I seek for the first time in 2022-2023?

Answering this query will depend on many factors. What do you know about yourself? What are your plans for the future? If you’re starting and want to get the AZ-900 certification is the best option. But you want to build a career as an Azure administrator, the AZ-104 certification is the right choice. If you’re looking for an accreditation that will earn higher wages, obtaining the AZ-305 or AZ-402 is a good idea.

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification training A beginner’s course by Microsoft for professionals who wish to be Microsoft Azure Administrators. Participate in the Microsoft Azure Administrator course aligned to the AZ-104 certification exam. It will help you understand cloud computing, including managing and monitoring the organization’s Microsoft Azure Environment.

As business solutions and services are being moved to the cloud and cloud computing, professionals must be aware of managing the cloud services using platforms like Microsoft Azure. In this respect, this course Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 training offered through Koenig Solutions will help participants acquire a basic understanding of how to implement and manage identities and governance, cloud storage as well as creating virtual networks and managing resources when required.
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification training 1-day training course is a basic Microsoft Certification for those looking to begin their journey into cloud-based services and how to deliver these services with Microsoft Azure. Join the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course to master everything about cloud computing including storage, networking security, privacy, databases and compliance, among other things. The course doesn’t include any hands-on exercises. Suppose you’re looking to do hands-on exercises. In that case, you should consider the “AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training Course with Labs” to become more proficient and confident with Koenig.

Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

Nowadays, everything depends on thorough data analysis to discover the customer’s issues and find new opportunities to grow market share. In this challenging business environment, businesses and individuals need to know. How to connect data and transform and integrate data across platforms. It is this Data Engineering on Microsoft to Azure certification is a certification. So that allows professionals to create some of the most effective analytics solutions. So that use Microsoft Azure as a platform.

Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

Register for the four days of the Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305T00) Course offered by Koenig Solutions accredited by Microsoft. In this class, you’ll be taught how to create infrastructure solutions.

Through interactive and hands-on lectures, you’ll learn about the basic principles. Because of architecture and governance, computing applications. So application architecture storage authentication, data integration, networks, business continuity and migrations.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is obtained by meeting the following prerequisites:

  • You can earn your Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification and pass the exam AZ-305
  • Pass Exam Pass Exam AZ-303 (before it expires on March 31st 2022) and Exam AZ-305

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