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Operation Method for Solar Power Generation Business!

Finally, we will introduce recommended operation methods for companies starting a solar power generation business.

Used Solar Investment

If you want to earn income from selling electricity efficiently, we recommend investing in used solar power generation. As I touched on several times in the first half, unlike new installations, second-hand solar power generation investment can start generating power immediately after purchase, and you can make a decision after checking the power generation performance before purchasing.

Furthermore, since many facilities that have received FIT certification in the past, such as 2012 and 2015, are being sold, you can start selling electricity at a high fixed purchase price of 20 Pkr or 30 Pkr.

Our Solar manufacturer in Pakistan Farm, provides brokerage services for buying and selling used solar power generation properties. The listed properties are in a wide range of situations, from small and medium scale with an output of 50 kW and 100 kW to mega solar class.

At the time of consultation, a full-time person in charge will conduct an interview, and then provide comprehensive support, including on-site surveys and estimates for properties that suit the customer, and proxy procedures for sales contracts. If you are interested, please contact us once

PPA Solar Power Generation

If you want to consume your own electricity while keeping the initial cost down, why not consider PPA solar power generation?

PPA is a service that allows you to install a solar power generation system owned by a PPA business on your own site or roof for free and for self-consumption. The contract period is about 20 years, and it is a system that pays a fixed monthly usage fee or the electricity bill for self-consumption to the PPA operator.

It can be said that the main advantage is that the burden of the initial cost can be spread even though there is a monthly fee during the contract period.

Combined Use of Non-FIT Solar Power Generation and J credits

If you want to increase the environmental value in addition to your company’s fixed reduction, we recommend using non-FIT solar power generation and J credits together.

Non-FIT solar power generation is an operation method that generates power and self-consumes without receiving FIT certification. With J-credit, you can make a profit by selling the amount of CO2 reduction by solar power generation etc. in the form of credit.

Since the feed-in tariff under the FIT system has been declining year by year, there are merits even in the non-FIT system if the emphasis is on self-consumption. In addition, if you sell the CO2 that you have reduced through self-consumption to the market as J credits, you will not only be able to make a profit, but you will also be able to increase your company’s environmental value

Solar Power has a Future! Business Still Growing!

Photovoltaic power generation is a future-oriented facility that can reduce CO2 emissions, reduce electricity costs, generate income from electricity sales, and increase corporate value. However, when investing in solar power generation from now on, it is important to consider and change the operation method from various points such as changes in rules such as self-consumption requirements of the FIT system, tightening of regulations, feed-in tariffs, etc. .

If you want to focus on investing in solar power generation or are curious about how to manage your solar power investment, why not consider using this article as a reference for second-hand mega solar power generation and solar power generation? Huh?

At our Farm, we handle a large number of used solar power plants that are in operation, and provide brokerage services for purchase and sale. We have collected mega solar power plants with outputs of 50 kW, 100 kW, and 1,000 kW or more from all over the country, so you can choose according to your business plan.

In addition, members are provided with information on non-disclosed properties.

When you consult with Solar companies in Pakistan dedicated staff will handle everything from collecting property information to contract procedures and post-purchase support services. If you are interested in investing in solar power, please consider a free personal seminar. 

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