Don’t Fall for Push Money App Scams—Protect Yourself Now.

Push Money App is an automatic binary option system that undertakes trading processes for you. Indisputably, there is no information or evidence available about the legitimacy of this trading software. The information that provided based on the kind of market estimates that are being used for the Push Money App signals. 

The Push Money App has created by Mr. Dennis Moreland and his friend, Mike Callahan, and both of them claim that the software is a successful trading software push money app scam or legit . Although it was only beneficial to them and not the users. As none of these beta testers actually had any knowledge about binary options or any experience in the trading system.

Push Money App scam is a new phenomena trick is used by scammers to deceit innocent individuals. However, this fraud occurs when a fraudster convinces a business employee or individual into paying them under false pretences. Also, around $538 million has been lost in a Push Money scam, and it may be increase around $612 million by the year 2026.

Common types of Push Money App scam – 

PMA scams have many forms; mentioned below are the two most common ones:

  • Account merger – In this process, scammers obtain information about payer by hacking into systems or purchasing it through the deep net. After obtaining or gaining access to the payer’s account, scammers make push payments to their own account, crookedly.
  • Social Engineering – There are different types of social engineering scams, including romance scams, purchase scams, investment scams, impersonation scams, etc. Through these procedures scammers convince payers’ to provide sensitive information and then push payments to their own accounts

How does the Push Money App scam work?

Scammers often use a wide range of techniques to lure victims by sending phishing emails, text messages, and other techniques by claiming to be from some authorised The Push Money App scam, on the other hand, is a social engineering attack that can push money app scam get targeted to a wider audience. For instance, a person adhering to the scheme mightr, but in reality, the fraudster posing as a solicitor has convinced them that he is acquiring a new bank account. Further, after acquiring the information, scammers will take advantage and push payment it to their own account.

How to avoid a Push Money App scam?

  1. If you receive an unsolicited email, text message, or call claiming to provide you with the push money app services for free, refrain from accepting the offer. 
  1. Avoid schemes that instigate substandard learning and communication, which are highly important to understand in combating unauthorised push payment software.
  1. Before you proceed to submit any payment with Push Money App, double-check the recipient’s details to make sure you’re sending money to the right person, if not elude the situation.
  1. If a scammer posing as person you know requests a payment, cross-check with the person first voluntarily, and if they say they did not contact you, circumvent.

How to protect yourself from a Push Money App scam?

  1. Before opting for a payment processing application, research the software and abide by its reviews. If people who are already using it have negative feedback, avoid it.
  1. Enhance KYC and AML programmes as fraudsters majorly target open bank accounts in the first place.
  1. Enable security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Device that acquires passcode or fingerprint, as they protect and alert you if a hacker tries to muddle through.
  1. Connect your mobile payment application with credit card details rather than bank or debit card , as credit card companies are eligible to reverse the transaction if done mistakenly.
  1. Mobile phones that contain payment apps are vulnerable to malware and viruses caused by scammers using deceptive techniques. However, it is imperative to protect it with anti-malware software, which helps detect fraudulent activity occurring on your device.


As stealing money has been a common nowadays, several fraudulent applications have engaged various techniques to defraud people by providing fake . However, If you have targeted through a Push Money App scam, the best way to secure yourself from a scammer is by obtaining a ‘cyber insurance plan,’ which will cover your cases that include data breach, intellectual property theft, and other damages due to security invasion. Also, one should obtain knowledge about the industry they’re relying on for their utilizations as it notifies you about the threatsto restrain. 

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