Have you played any great mobile games on your phone? You probably might know some good ones or maybe even a few famous! There are hundreds if not thousands of them, but then who needs more than one of our favorites? Here is such a list.

Pictionary (2018): I actually can’t think of many other reasons why this game was so popular. It’s easy and fun!

Dodgeball (2019): If it wasn’t for dud balls, this could be considered an arcade game of old.

Sonic Mania 3 (2010-2015) : These classics are what made these two popular franchises into a billion dollar companies. They are quite addictive too. Just look for their “buzzword” words.

Puzzle Book 2 (2013) & 3 (2014): Both were very good puzzle games. Not just because they are both pretty simple but also because of how much variety there is to them. This has become an oldie but greatie game as well.

Sonic Busy (2015) & 4 (2016): Another oldie but a greatie. The puzzles aren’t quite the same, and the controls aren’t. But if you want something simple but still fun, all the time, this is a must try.

Weird Al Yankovic’s Oddballs Suck (2008): There are lots of different versions of this game on the web, and the most famous is the one. Some weird and wonderful things happen every time. Also, though this isn’t truly “fun,” it gets better with each new update.

Puzzle Wars (2015): Yes, another puzzle game. And yes, there is a version of Pictionary. Which makes me wonder why it isn’t bigger on the app store to let people play with more options than just a word puzzle. It should’ve been huge!

My Friend Ed (2012): His character wears glasses, which makes him look different from everyone else. He goes through a lot of stuff and his life changes.

The Shining (1980): What other horror movie game would be as good as this? Well, only The Shining game.

Boltaire’s Big Adventure (1995): Still another good classic to check out. Plus there are a bunch of other sequels coming next year, so keep checking your email.

I hope you found this list of nostalgic games helpful. Now, you can enjoy it even better by watching those older movies. No need to install anything!

Here is my favorite video game for PC.

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What kind of internet games do you mostly play? Let us know in the comments!

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