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Sandakphu Trek – A Complete Guide for trekkers


Sandakphu trek is one of the best places to see the world’s four highest peaks. The Kanchenjunga tribe towers high alongside Lhotse and Makalu (his 4th and his 5th highest mountains in the world), above which towers the tallest Mount Everest.

The Sandakpu trek begins at the picturesque village of Manebangjan near Darjeeling. The Sandakphu Phalut Trek lasts 5 days in the Singalila National Park and offers the most stunning views of the Kanchenjunga Mountains. This Sandakpuu guide will give you all the information about the Sandakpuu trekking route, campsites and other p

What does Sandakphu mean?

Meaning of Sandakphu – 

Sandakphu literally means “height of poisonous plants”. This is because poisonous aconite plants grow in abundance at Sandakphu, the highest point in the Singalila range. Medicines are extracted from the roots of aconite plants, but the small purple-blue flowers of the same plants can be quite toxic if consumed.

How hard is the Sandakphu Trek?

Sandakphu is categorized as Medium trek for avid hikers. Even for beginners, the trek is quite manageable. If you are relatively fit, you can do the trek up to Sandakphu without much trouble. The distance between Sandakphu and Phalut is 21 km and there is hardly any settlement in between. This part is slightly difficult.

Sandakphu – the only place where you can see the 4 highest peaks of the world

Why should you do the Sandakphu Trek?

Mainly because Sandakphu gives you a panoramic view of all the Sleeping Buddha Peaks and the three other highest peaks in the world. Apart from this, there are many other reasons why Sandakphu should be on your tourist list.

Sleeping Buddha – Sandakphu Trek – 

1) Get the best view of the 4 highest peaks in the world, mainly the Kanchenjunga family

Sleeping Buddha – 

The Sandakphu Phalut Trek has impressive views of some of the highest peaks in the world. Due to its look, the Kanchenjunga cluster is referred to as the Sleeping Buddha. Kumbhakarna forms the head and face of the Buddha, while Kanchenjunga forms the upper body. Other sleeping Buddha peaks are Kok Thang, Rathong, Frey, Kabru South, Kabru North, Simvo, Pandim, Tenzingkhang, Jubanu and Narsing.

At 8586 m, Kanchenjunga is the third-highest summit.. Lhotse and Makalu are the fourth and fifth highest peaks at 8516 m and 8463 m respectively. The jewel in the crown is the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. You will get a panoramic view of these mountain ranges from both Sandakphu and Phalut.

The best thing about the trek is that the view of the mountain range remains with the trekkers throughout the trek. You don’t have to wait a day; the first clear view of Kanchenjunga is seen on the first day of the trek, in Upper Chitrey. During the trip, Kanchenjunga engages in a game of hide and seek with you. After a tiring and torturous hike, all fatigue will melt away at the sight of the beautiful mountain massi

2) Trek with the best sunrise and sunset points

Sunrise at Sandakphu Phalut Trek

Sandakphu Phalut Trek will give you the best view of sunrises and sunsets. It is a humbling experience to watch the first rays of the sun hit some of the highest mountain peaks. Watch the sky change colors from golden yellow to orange as the sun slowly showers its first rays on the snowy peaks. The sunrise from Tonglu and Tumling is quite beautiful. The highlight is watching the golden rays of the sun gradually fall on the snow-covered Kangchenjunga and then on the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest in Sandakphu. But the cherry on the cake is the sunrise from Phalut. Every day you see a new and better sunrise – a specialty of the Sandakphu Phalut Trek.

Additionally beautiful sunsets may be seen in Kalipokhri and Sandakphu. In fact, Sandakphu has separate sunrise and sunset points.

3) The stretch from Sandakphu to Phalut is a perfect boiler – 

The trail from Sandakphu to Phalut is 21 km long but full of twists and turns. You go through stony and muddy roads, you walk through a forest path and you see vast meadows under a clear sky. The landscape keeps changing. The best for us is the view of the Kanchenjunga mountain range from the green meadows. The day is long and packed with every delight that the trek has to offer.

4) Food and accommodation easily available throughout the Sandakphu trek route

Everywhere there are tourist huts and homestays with very warm and hospitable people. Every effort will be made to ensure that your stay is comfortable.This is one of the treks where you don’t have to worry about carrying tents and rations.

Homestays are available in Chitrey, Meghma, Tumling to Kalipokhri. Trekker lodges are available at Tonglu, Sandakphu, Phalut and Gorkhey.

5) Different views in different seasons hiking on Sandakphu Trek 

Sandakphu has a different appearance in different seasons. If you like colors, visit Sandakphu during spring. Watch the rhododendrons bloom in a riot of color. The whole trip will be decorated in red, pink and white.

Autumn gives you the best view of the mountain range. The sky will be clear and Kanchenjunga will appear before you in all its glory.

Sandakphu in December and January

Visit Sandakphu in December and January if you enjoy the snow.The road will be covered in snow and you might even see a few frozen waterfalls along the way! Sandakphu itself will be snow covered during this time.

You also get the night sky and city lights to photograph! Darjeeling town can be seen from Manebhanjan and Kalipokhri; and at night, the small stones that illuminate the city of Darjeeling under the starry sky are a great subject for photography.

Sandakphu Trek Route with Phalut – 

There are several alternative routes for this beautiful trek. Starting points for the trek are Manebhanjan and Jhaubari. The Sandakphu Trek we are presenting here is the one we took to Sandakphu and onwards to Phalut.

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