Should You Wear a Xiaomi Smartwatch to a Formal Event

It’s been almost 8 years (maybe more) since the release of the very first Xiaomi smartwatch that took the world by storm. By then Xiaomi didn’t have any significant name or reputation so when you think about it, that was quite a big accomplishment. Plus, at the same time, many other competitors were stepping into the ring. The major ones are the Apple smartwatch and the Samsung smartwatch. Nevertheless, Xiaomi pulled through and now it’s been worn everywhere.

Well, almost everywhere because there are a few places that one must think about before wearing smartwatches of this particular brand. These can be anywhere from a professional meeting to a wedding. That’s why I’ll be going over a few aspects of the Xiaomi watch that need to work in all sorts of situations. Therefore, the topics we’re going to discuss are the following.

  • 3 aspects of the Xiaomi smartwatch for formal situations
  • Should you wear it for a formal event

With that said, let’s start by going over the aspects that you should know about any smartwatch when wearing it to a formal event. 

3 Aspects of the Xiaomi Smartwatch for Formal Situations

Xiaomi smartwatch

I’m no stranger to being humiliated by wearing a strange smartwatch with formal attire. So you can rest easy because that should give you a little hint that I know what I’m talking about😅. I’ve been wearing smartwatches for a few years now and there was a time when I made some wrong choices. However, those choices helped me distinguish what type of smartwatch I should normally wear with a formal dress.

About 1 or 2 years ago I also tried a Xiaomi smartwatch to check if it goes well with my formal attire and the situation that I’m going for. To my surprise, I liked the experience that the watch gave me, and ever since Xiaomi is one of my favorite smartwatch manufacturers. Not only do they give the best smartwatches in Pakistan but they also give some of the best prices as well.

I liked their watches so much that I even bought a brand new Xiaomi Watch S1 Active from a store called Wise Market (more on that later). However, during the time that I used the watch, I found out that there are some crucial things that a smartwatch must have if it needs to work in a formal environment. 

With that said, I’m going to finish this long rant and just dive into the facts that make a smartwatch great for formal events.

1. Design of the Watch

The first and foremost thing that everyone will notice is the design of the watch. As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.” In this modern age, everyone has a device that can tell time, so in normal circumstances, no one is going to come up to you and ask for time. So, don’t worry if you forgot to charge the watch because God knows I have😂.

The design of the watch must be good enough that it blends in with the clothing that you are wearing. Obviously, for a formal event, you will wear formal attire, so you also need the accessory that goes well with that. I won’t recommend the S1 Active Xiaomi smartwatch for this purpose because it has a more casual look with it (but it can work). The one that I do recommend is the base model of this variation of smartwatch which is the Mi Watch S1. It has a sleek design that goes well with almost all sorts of dressing.

2. Must Support All of the Necessary Features

Once you go past looks, the next thing to look for is that it must support all of the necessary features. If you plan on investing your hard-earned money into something that you’re going to use quite often then you need to make sure that it comes with the best features. These features include receiving calls & texts, playing music, keeping track of your vitals and much more.

Luckily, if you own a Xiaomi smartwatch like the Mi Watch S1 then you won’t be disappointed because it can easily perform all of the tasks that you need. 

3. Must Come with a Good Battery Life

Now, if you live in Pakistan then you know that formal events like weddings or meetings can go much longer than one might expect. Even though most of the events only last for 4-5 hours, it doesn’t mean that the watch will have a full charge. There have been a few times that I didn’t have the time to charge my Xiaomi smartwatch before an event.

However, the S1 Active smartwatch that I own comes with a massive 470 mAh battery. For some of you, it might not seem like much but it’s more than capable of giving 12 days of battery backup. That’s why I’m pretty sure that it can last a few hours of a formal event😂.

Should You Wear It for a Formal Event

After checking all of the necessary things for a smartwatch, the next question to ask is “If I should wear my Xiaomi smartwatch for formal events?” If the Mi watch that you own covers all the 3 aspects that I mentioned above then you should definitely wear it to a wedding. 

I’ve worn my Xiaomi Watch S1 Active to a few of the events that I would categorize as semi-formal, so yeah I think that it can work. If you want the best smartwatch price in Pakistan for your Xiaomi watch Wise Market Pakistan.

then I recommend that you check out I’ve been buying smart devices from them for some time now and they’ve never disappointed. They have tons of other smartphones both in new and used conditions because a used mobile phone is better for the environment. So, check out Wisemarket Pakistan to get the best deal on your Mi watches.

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