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The All-in-One Guide to Kickstart your Career Earning a Microsoft Power BI Certification!

In today’s world, analytics, data, statistics, and numbers are of utmost importance. Most analytics professionals in the IT domain understand the significance of discovering, interpreting, and processing business and customer data. Obtaining a Power BI certification course completion before appearing for a Power BI Data Analyst Associate job profile makes you;

  • More attractive to employers since it is a popular business intelligence software forum.
  • Gives you access to well-paid and in high-demand jobs.
  • Chance to explore the numerous distinct Power BI programs and get certified.

It is thus advisable to get Power BI certified and its advantages.

What is Power BI?

It is a data visualization application that offers several apps and services founded on cloud technology. The primary purpose of this tool is to pull together data and transform it into actionable insights in the form of easy-to-understand and persuasive visuals, graphs, and charts. These analytics and insights assist stakeholders in knowing what is happening within their business. 

Overview of the Microsoft Power BI certification-

Candidates can stand out and advance their careers by clearing this prestigious and in-demand accreditation course from Microsoft. 

This certification tests a data analyst’s capability to build and design scalable data prototypes and transform the data using Power BI. Here are some of the tasks candidates will get tested technically and the skills measured for each;

  1. Modelling data (25-30%)
  2. Preparing data(20-25%)
  3. Deploying and maintaining assets (10-15%)
  4. Visualizing data (20-25%)
  5. Analyzing data (10-15%)

The exam format is as follows;

  • Total Questions: 40 – 60 
  • Exam Type: Multiple-response and multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam Duration: 180 minutes.
  • Passing score: 70%. 
  • Exam Cost: USD 165.00* (inclusive of additional taxes).
  • Languages available: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).

Prerequisites for obtaining the Power BI certification

There are no prerequisites, as these programs are designed for both beginners and those with more advanced IT skills. However, in particular, IT professionals can benefit from this exam because they work with data visualization information through the cloud and on-premises data forum technologies. 

How to prepare for the Power BI certification exam?

To make the best out of the Power BI certification course for candidates appearing for the exam for the first time, its best to undergo the following training;

  1. Take up a Power BI visualization and data analysis project.
  2. Complete additional training on online platforms and forums.
  3. Use Microsoft Learn to take open learning paths.
  4. Have an established and spaced-out study routine. 
  5. Understand the syllabus to strategize the study schedule and cover all the topics.
  6. Revise until the day before the exam to keep the concepts fresh.
  7. Go through the sample Power BI interview questions to understand the exam format.

How good is a Power BI certification for your future?

Power BI developers are the best professionals to work with cognitive computing or machine learning and to get a grip on the ever-changing world. Here are some benefits of obtaining this Microsoft certification;

  • Build, diversify, and advance your career

A Microsoft-qualified Power BI data analyst associate can explore in detail the domains of the Power BI stream. Also, it helps build a lucrative and successful career as they have a significant edge in the job market over candidates without Power BI certification.

  • Enhance your value in your organization

The knowledge acquired through the Power BI interview questions and courses can enhance one’s grasp of the data analytics complexities and how they are applied in day-to-day complex business scenarios, thereby increasing value to any company. 

  • Hone your collaboration and presentation skills

With Power BI certification, candidates can work with people on real projects and tasks using Power BI tools. One of the most significant benefits is that your presentation and communication skills are developed with its unique platform.

  • Gain valuable insights into data analytics, transforming, modeling, and visualizing data 

Enter into the world of Power BI to transform, model, and visualize data without errors. It helps you organize custom reporting solutions, optimize current models, or build organizational rankings. 


Completing the Power BI certification course can be an excellent investment for your future. It is the best way to kickstart employment and business growth. Keep these tips in mind to ace the exam to get recognized as a Microsoft-certified data analyst.

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