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The real estate rush

In a world in which it is increasingly difficult for us to stop to meditate, think and even read, it is difficult to expose the advantages of long-term planning.

In a virtual reality dominated by images and short videos, which remain alive for the day, it is difficult to convince of the need to create lasting content .

It is very easy to launch an online campaign, to capture new leads; just a good idea, creativity for the ad and budget to spread it.

Even a regular idea, a standard copy and a few euros, also serve to scratch a few user data in search engines and social networks.

With so much internet penetration and smartphone use, the task of fishing for leads doesn’t seem very complex.

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Marketing Platforms

Tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads make it very easy. Pim, pam, pum !, Campaign created and leads on the way.

The campaigns in search engines (SEM) and in social networks (SMM) are a wonderful complement to a digital marketing plan, based on original content, arranged on your own channels and disseminated in other media.

Like the web , as the main base of operations, it can be very easy to renew, in a short time and on budget. But another thing is to align it with the strategic objectives of the company and that it serves as a pillar support to the obtaining, retention, maturation and loyalty of contacts and clients.

The planning of the real estate website should not be something alien to the interests of the company, nor should it be based on a standard product . It takes more time to make a mind map and a content calendar, but if we want to reflect on our main online channel, that we are and offer something differential, we must personalize our image and services.

But without a strategy , without planning and a protocol of action , you can only be methods of artificial attraction of contacts, the results of which will be limited to a number of leads, probably low-skill, whose actual conversion cost is higher than what they show. the first figures.

That strategy, matured calmly and looking at the entire forest, makes the campaigns structured to support a higher objective, such as getting more quality contacts , that are mature enough, or allow them to mature, until point that the commercial team can close agreements with most of them, with a conversion close to 100%.

And make it a profitable process, with positive ROI of at least double digits, of constant growth, growing and lasting.

The achievement of the objectives has repercussions, already foreseen in the strategic plan, so that growth is sustainable and the resources to make it possible are being acquired at the right time.

Because not everything is getting contacts.

The important thing is to get good contacts , on a segmented audience , who want the services we offer, convinced of our work by the experience we provide, by the testimonies that support us.

And attend to those contacts since they need to attend, with the appropriate means and with a human team align with the company’s objectives.

In between, CRM, emailings, online campaigns, network publications, content creation , landing pages, SEO , … are parts of a whole that helps develop the process, which has been plan before.

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If you are not in a hurry, but you want to effect it and fast, if you are interest in content marketing, contextual marketing, persuasion, Inbound Marketing, think strategically about how to help your target customer.

If you need advice for that planning and implementation of  the digital marketing plan for your real estate , we can help you prepare the right strategy:

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