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Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Online Classes for Higher Education

Learning is a lifelong process for those who want to excel at their personal and professional level. However, some people find adding new problems to their already inflexible and demanding schedule difficult. Live online classes are the new trend and solution for today’s generation. 

It is possible to learn about any subject online anywhere and anytime of the day. But obviously, everything comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. This blog will discover the five benefits and disadvantages of a live online class. 

5 Benefits of an online learning platform 

Let us explore what benefits you acquire from live online classes. 


The first and foremost benefit of a live online class is the sheer convenience. Many of us feel tired and lazy after a long commute. The thought of going someplace else after heading home seems like a difficult task. However, with the emergence of top online learning platforms, you can study from the comfort of your home while wearing your favourite pyjamas. 


In addition to saving hours by not having to commute to far away locations, you also get the benefit of studying at a suitable time. You will not find a physical teacher to teach you German, at 3 in the morning, but with an online learning platform, the options are limitless. 


Since live online classes and coaching centres do not have to spend thousands of bucks on renting a large place, they save a lot on their investment. This ultimately means more cost-effective classes for students. Students, too, save on money that would have been spent on commuting and lunch. 

More interaction 

Online live classes foster more interaction between an educator and a student. Those who are too shy to clear their doubts in front of an entire class can contact their teacher in a private chat. Students too shy to broadcast themselves in front of so many people can turn their cameras off while continuing to participate in the lessons.  

More opportunities

Always had a fancy to learn French? You may have been unable to attend your local community centre classes because you were working a full-time job and raising a family. However, with top online platforms, the options are limitless. Learn whatever, anywhere, anytime! 

5 drawbacks of an online learning platform 

Let us explore what drawbacks you face during live online classes. 


Since you are learning from the comfort of your home and at your own pace, it is normal for people to feel isolated and miss the company of their peers. 

Self-discipline is must

There is no one to keep track of your progress or whether you are actually taking your lessons regularly. Thus, it is essential for you to be self-disciplined and focused enough for your studies. 

Additional training for educators

Teaching in an online live class is difficult. Thus, educators need to have a thorough knowledge of all the teaching methods and how to keep the students engaged and interested in the class. 

Technical issues

An online live class is prone to get disturbed due to technical issues. You may face issues with your internet connection which can hamper your concentration or focus in the middle of your study session.

More screen-time   

Well, it is pretty much inevitable to reduce our screen time in today’s generation. Sadly, learning in a live online class adds to this issue. Excessive screen time can lead to several issues, such as bad posture or headaches.

There is always a downside to any benefit that you may want to enjoy. However, with technological advancements and the elimination of many of the drawbacks of online classes, the advantages are beginning to outweigh the disadvantages. 

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