Blue World Trade Center

Top Features of The Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center is a landmark and a cleverly designed high-rise in Pakistani business. It is the nation’s first property exchange tower and offers all the facilities and services needed to run a successful and convenient operation. It is already in Rawalpindi and will soon be the city’s first commercial address for real estate companies and brands. The highlights of BWTC will be covered in this post. Let’s head that way.

Location of the Blue World Trade Center

The project’s location is key when investors consider making an investment in any housing society. The Grand Trunk Road provides quick access to the Rawalpindi location of the Blue World Trade Center. Additionally, it is close to Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s renowned commercial districts.

The Blue World Trade Center Developers want to build the finest trade center with an increase in environmentally friendly activities. The center is equipped with the top amenities and services that will stimulate commerce, tourism, and business in the nation. The BWTC primary features include:

Twin Tower Simulator

The Petronas Twin Towers will be mirrored in the Blue World Trade Center. The original tower, which is still standing, is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From 1998 until 2004, these structures held the record for the highest structure in the world. Now, a 23-story replica of it will be constructed in Blue World City. A three-level basement will house the trade center’s parking.

Additionally, because there are 23 stories, many of these floods will have a commercial establishment. Between these two skyscrapers, a skywalk will be present. There is a bridge connecting the two towers. The Blue World Trade Center BWTC will undoubtedly be a tower. a large tower outfitted with all the comforts needed to lead a posh lifestyle.

Meeting Spaces

The trade center will provide a variety of meeting spaces and sleeping accommodations for the convenience of the business community. These spaces were created specifically for business gatherings and functions. A setup feature with effective multi-media tools and top-notch air conditioners will be present. The height of the Blue World Trade Center will be equal to that of the first Petronas Twin tower.

Corporate Buildings

Employees can operate from corporate offices among the attractions of the BWTC. The corporate offices will also have individual offices, workstations, and cubicles. For the convenience of the personnel, the offices will have complete air conditioning, and Wi-Fi will be provided without charge. There will be a distinct lounge area where workers may unwind during breaks.


The availability of upscale hotels that will provide individualized services is the best aspect and focal point of the Blue World Trade Center. The hotels will provide the locals with upscale housing and a wide range of comforts. These accommodations frequently go above and beyond visitors’ greatest expectations in terms of aesthetic, comfort, and luxury experiences.

Completely furnished apartments

Additionally, Blue World Trade Center offers completely furnished apartments that provide the ideal impression of having everything one could possibly need. All the amenities that are often absent from fully furnished apartments are present here. Therefore, BWTC offers you completely furnished and fitted apartments if that’s what you desire. Additionally, blue world trade centre file verification is simple and may be completed online by going to the official Blue World City website.


The presence of a fine-dining cafeteria and restaurants in the BWTC is the building’s next major selling point. Both the business hub and the locals will be able to use the restaurant’s services at the trade center.


With the construction of Pakistan’s first property exchange tower, Blue Group of Companies is elevating the country’s trading industry. The facility will serve as a national focus for property development through creative building design. It will also serve as the focal point for all the features and facilities that improve corporate functionality and productivity.

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