Which hospital is best for ACL surgery?

Which hospital is best for ACL surgery?

It’s better to see more doctors; the family doctor’s recommendation may need improvement. After seeing the first doctor, I suggest you find another doctor to get a second opinion. If you feel that the second doctor is not good, continue to find another doctor to get a third opinion.

Only find a doctor and settle if you feel good. It’s different here in the US. Many doctors can’t perform several operations a year. 

ACL surgery is a repair or reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ACL is an important soft-tissue structure in the knee that connects the femur to the tibia. A partially or completely torn ACL is a common injury among athletes.

Complete ACL tears are usually treated by sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons with ACL reconstruction surgery, in which the torn ligament is replaced with a tissue graft to mimic the natural ACL.

However, HSS takes an interdisciplinary approach to treating ACL injuries: Physiatrists, sports medicine physicians, and orthopedic surgeons – along with radiology and rehabilitation professionals – collaborate to determine the best treatment option for each patient.

Because people who have had an ACL injury are more likely to develop osteoarthritis in the knee earlier in life than those who do not, HSS physicians and scientists also continually investigate ACL surgery techniques to improve short-term and long-term outcomes for patients.

Graft to choose should first make it clear to your doctor what your goals are, and then discuss further with the doctor to finally decide which graft you want to choose. The following three questions must be asked.

Which graft do they recommend? 

Generally, the answer to this question includes two aspects. On the one hand, what kind of graft does the doctor think you may be more suitable for, such as some soccer moms whose main goal is to be able to return to sports, and the sports they participate in are not very competitive.

Doctors will recommend a hamstring tendon in this case. The second aspect also implies which graft operation the doctor thinks he is best at. It is time to ask the following question.

What’s your graft choice? 

This question is very important because a good doctor should be very good at each graft and have rich experience. And if you already have an answer in mind after doing the research, and the doctor is not good at it, you can move on. For example, you want a patellar tendon, but this doctor can only do a hamstring tendon.

How many surgeries do they perform every year? 

This question is the most important one. As I mentioned in the first point, if the doctor does not even perform enough operations per year, you are a guinea pig. According to my observation on Reddit r/acl, part of the reason for ACL graft failure is related to surgery.

Sometimes it is the doctor’s improper operation, which leads to the wrong graft placement or other reasons, so the patient’s acl is broken or loose during rehab. You can’t tell him that, after all, this operation has a risk of failure. A better doctor will perform at least one operation weekly, so there will be more than 50 operations in a year. 

It is best to find a doctor who has rich experience in kinesiology surgery and is board certified. After finding a doctor, you can go to the official website of the hospital to see the doctor’s resume. At the same time, you can also check the evaluation of this doctor at acl surgery Singapore

Because of the high trust in the older man’s doctor, he chose the physical therapist from the orthopedics department of the same hospital. After experiencing it, I found that it is still very good. It is more professional.

The PT is always watching you do the movements. If you do not do the movements correctly, he will tell you what you did wrong and correct your movements (it feels like a fitness coach)

Your recovery progress will be tracked every time, and homework will be assigned to you in different stages. For example, how much did the range of motion of your knee recover in the past few weeks, and when can you start running again? Later, I will gradually test the data comparison of the left and right legs to see if you can return to sports.

PT will use various methods to unblock you if you have some discomfort that will hinder your training. LZ had a period when the front of the knee seemed painful when doing certain exercises due to the inflammation of the fat pad, which resulted in bad training effects. PT came up with various methods, such as massage with a massage ball. 

Therefore, from an economic point of view, it is best to confirm that the doctor will operate at the beginning of the fiscal year so that the out-of-pocket limit can cover all expenses. 

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