Writing Argumentative Essay Introduction – Best Tips To Follow

Have you ever noticed what happens when two more people have contrasting views on the point of discussion on meeting? Of course, each of them tries to persuade the other on his school of thoughts. To prove him right, he must make a good claim, support it with concert evidence, or give logical reasoning for a claim. However, making counterclaims will further help us to sound more informative. An argumentative essay is an academic writing task that aims to polish students’ argumentative skills. In an argumentative essay, the introduction must be very strong as it allows you to only write the content that your target audience will love to read. Thus, in this article, we will discuss some tops tips for writing an introduction to an argumentative essay, like a pro.

Let’s get started:

Introduction of argumentative essays:

The introduction is the point where you set the stage by providing all basic or generic information. It must contain a brief description of the topic of interest in clear words. If you are discussing a problem, then it must contain evidence to signify your research problem. Writing a few lines on the background of your problem helps researcher collect all information from the document. Later on, a well-structured thesis statement will help your reader to know about your side or position on a particular topic.

The following are some tips to work on all these components of an introduction, one by one.

Define your topic of interest

Topics act as a label that help your reader decide whether a document is worth reading or not. First, you must decide on a topic of interest that at least hints at your position on a phenomenon. After the title, the second place where your audience can know what they are going to read is the introduction. Thus, you must start the introduction by clearly defining the topic of interest in a concise and precise manner. 

Define keywords:

In this era of digitalization, almost all of us are pretty well aware of the importance of keyword search and usage. Even in academic research, keywords search will help you use the most appropriate vocabulary to convey a message in the right way. For example, if you are writing an argumentative paper on child labor, the moment you start reading the articles on this point, you will come to know there is a long list of vocabulary specific to such social issues. Thus, through appropriate keyword search, you can unlock many such dictionaries, which is extremely important to adopt the right writing tone.  

Use your mind maps

To write a good introduction to argumentative essays, you must have hands full of information. The clarity in thoughts, concrete assertions, and logical description of your side is necessary for writing a thought-proving introduction. In this context, mind maps help you systematically arrange all the provided or researched information in a logical manner. Additionally, mind maps are ideally important to create an award-winning claim supported by evidence for establishing a good argument.

Give special attention to the first few lines:

No one can become Shakespeare by writing only one or two academic essays; rather, you have to burn the midnight oil to get something that is out of your reach. There is a big difference between what you think, write, and present in front of the public. Thus, you are allowed to even write garbage in the introduction, but you are not allowed to present that garbage in front of your audience. You must rearrange, rewrite, and rephrase the content, especially the first few lines of the introduction until it turns into golden words.      

A thesis statement must be of good quality

The experts working on the essay writing services always focus on ‘thesis statements’ while writing the introduction of an argumentative essay, and we can see the results of this trick by placing order at any authentic platform. The thesis statement, especially in an argumentative essay, helps readers understand the crux of an essay in a few seconds. Moreover, it never let you stop at any point as it continuously suggests new ideas until you research the conclusion section of your essay. 

Final Thoughts

Writing an outstanding introduction to an argumentative essay is a bit tricky process. If you really want to turn it into a masterpiece, you must focus on the opening of your essay. The above-mentioned tips will help you focus on all qualities of a good essay introduction. However, in the last, I must advise you to write an introduction in the end as it will save you from additional efforts and speed up the writing phase as well.

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