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Year-Wise Anniversary Stones & Their Significance

Explore theYear Wise Gemstone to Celebrate different Years of your Wedding Anniversary.

Gold: 1st Anniversary Gemstone

The everlasting beauty and purity of gold makes it the most perfect 1st anniversary gift to mark the beginning of a new and a happy chapter in life.

Being an epitome of wealth, hope and happiness, it lays down the destiny of a happy and healthy married life.

Garnet: 2nd Anniversary Gemstone

With its myriad variety of colours and patterns, Garnet Gemstone Jewelry tends to be the most amazing and optimum gemstone to celebrate 2 years of a marriage. Being quite durable, it will ensure staying close to heart and body as long as both the souls are connected.

Pearls: 3rd Anniversary Gemstone

These crystal-like reflecting gemstones are meant to be worn on special occasions. Like a 3rd wedding anniversary eve!

Just be a bit cautious to handle it as they are quite fragile and tiny.

Blue Topaz: 4th Anniversary Gemstone

Do you know why despite of various colours of topaz available in the market, blue topaz is cherry-picked?

Well, being a symbolic of love and affection, gifting blue topaz tend to strengthen the bond to make it last till the doom day.

Sapphire: 5th Anniversary Gemstone

Indeed an achievement to cherish and celebrate, 5th wedding anniversary is meant to be celebrated with a sense of pride and to have completed 5 years of togetherness. And to add a charm to this moment, sapphire is manadatory.

Amethyst: 6th Anniversary Gemstone

6 years of wedded bliss should be celebrated with the February Birthstone. Amethyst Gemstone jewelry comes in a plethora of colours.

Make sure to get the one she will love the most.

Onyx: 7th Anniversary Gemstone

This gemstone goes quite suitable for men’s jewelry. Its dark colour defines the masculine power and boldness.

Get for your men a bold onyx rings to re-define his personality and charm.

A way to express how lucky you are to have him in your life for 7 years

Tourmaline: 8th Anniversary Gemstone

To have a beautiful time together on your 8th weeding anniversary, tourmaline is your pick for you. The best that goes out the aura is black tourmaline, pink tourmaline or the watermelon tourmaline.

Lapis Lazuli: 9th Anniversary Gemstone

This 9th Anniversary gemstone have the divine power to set a perfect balance between the negative and the positive energies. Well, a perfect gemstone to have calmness and peace in your love life.

Diamond: 10th Anniversary Gemstone

Hard to believe, but the bond has become inseparable now. 10 years of holding onto each other and accepting them whole-heartedly.

You both deserve to adorn each other’s index finger with a bold and exquisite diamond ring.

Turquoise: 11th Anniversary Gemstone

One of the oldest and the finest gemstone known to the mankind. On the auspicious occasion of your 11th wedding anniversary, gift your better with a sizzling piece of bluish-grey turquoise jewelry.

Jade: 12th Anniversary Gemstone

This 12th anniversary gemstone is extensively used for its high ornamental value in Japan and China. It is available in a plethora of colour shades. The most especial one being the green jade.

Citrine: 13th Anniversary Gemstone

This yellow-green gemstone is one of the most affordable, yet the most adorable 13th anniversary gift. And the best part is that it is quite suitable for every day us as it can blend with all types of outfits.

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Opal: 14th Gemstone Jewelry Gemstone

The October Birthstone is one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones to be found on the planet. Surprise her with a beautiful piece of black opal ring to celebrate 14th wedding anniversary.

Goes without saying, its miraculous powers tend to strengthen the affection and the bond.

Ruby: 15th Anniversary Gemstone

This Red-raging gemstone will re-ignite the bond with its powers to drive passionate love and affection towards each other. The perfect 15th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Perdoit: 16th Anniversary Gemstone

Perdoit comes in different and alluring shades of green colour. Its white metallic body offers as stunning view. Celebrate 16 years of togetherness with perdoit jewelry.

Carnelian: 17th Anniversary Gemstone

This beautiful and exquisite gemstone comes across the colour shades that range from being orange to fire red. It is a symbolic of endurance and energy. A Carnelian necklace would just make the 17th anniversary weeding eve unforegatable for both of you.

Cat’s Eye: 18th Anniversary Gemstone

This gemstone has tiny inclusions that mimic cat’s eyes and is carved into a circular cabochon shape. Several jewels can exhibit this phenomena, but only the 18th wedding anniversary has it.

Aquamarine: 19th Anniversary Gemstone

A hope of fidelity and love, aquamarine comes in a shade of light blue-hue that gives it look resembling to the surface of the Caribbean sea. Perfect to celebrate 19 years of togetherness.

Emerald: 20th Anniversary Gemstone

This precious gemstone is extremely delicate and commands care and concern while adorning. Its classy, elegant and alluring look makes everyone fall for its timeless beauty. Nothing could not be better than a stupendous emerald ring for 20th anniversary.

Lolite: 21st Anniversary Gemstone

Iolite is hard to come by because it isn’t as well-known as other blue or violet-coloured stones. Even so, it still steals the stage and is perfectly suited to 21 years of marriage.

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Spinel: 22nd Anniversary Gemstone

Another option that is frequently ignored is spinel, despite its low cost, toughness, and durability. The four most prevalent hues are pink, red,

Topaz: 23rd Anniversary Gemstone

Imperial Topaz comes in hues from yellow to gold. If you’re choosing a gift for a male, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the anniversary stones by year; instead, you can draw inspiration from the topaz’s golden colour for other gifts, such a fine bottle of cognac.

Tanzanite: 24th Anniversary Gemstone

Given that it was just recently found in the 1960s, tanzanite is still a relatively new gemstone. White metals go nicely with this blue stone.

25 Years of Togetherness: Silver Jubilee Celebration

Silver jewelry is included in the celebration of the quarter century, thus there are countless alternatives. When it comes to selecting the ideal 25th anniversary gift, you have a lot of options.

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