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Your Checklist for a Successful SaaS Platform Localization

Employ the best SaaS platform localization practices to make your website, app, and software products fit into the global marketplace. Your SaaS platform is more than just an app or a website; it is made to solve a specific problem and meet your customers’ core demands. You have to be very careful while doing SaaS localization and make sure that you are keeping the user experience optimized for every region.

Considering the importance of SaaS platforms, you should have all the required knowledge about their localization methods, approaches, and tools that you can use.

Things you Need to Consider in SaaS Platform Localization

Before starting your SaaS platform localization journey, you need to set your priorities and create a sense of what you want to achieve and how you will do it. Here are some important factors you need to consider before getting started with your SaaS platform localization. 

Targeting The Right Markets

Choosing the right customers for your SaaS platform is the most crucial decision that is going to determine your global success. For this, you need to conduct comprehensive market research to understand the culture, social values, and demographics of your target audiences. Considering the benefits your SaaS platform offers and the problem it solves, some markets can be more profitable for you comparatively. Choosing the markets that are more relevant to your product helps you maintain a decent user base in your target markets. 

Enabling Automation  

Today, people look for convenience in everything. You really need to keep your SaaS platform localization process agile; to make it happen, you must invest in automation. It will significantly reduce your time to market the SaaS platform in a foreign marketplace. You should keep your translation solution for enterprises fast and efficient, which is only possible if your translation processes are automated.  

Seamless Translations 

To keep your SaaS platform localization seamless and agile, you should keep your translation string outside of the code. Hard-coded translation can make your localization processes time-consuming and complicated. Carefully translate everything and make sure no elements in your SaaS platform remain untranslated.

Using A Professional Localization Platform 

There should be a professional localization platform in your SaaS platform localization toolkit. Investing in a reliable translation tool will help you streamline your localization workflow and effectively manage everyday localization tasks on time. Moreover, a professional platform also provides advanced tools to smartly manage your localization tools, resources, and teams with much ease.

What Does Your SaaS Platform Localization Workflow Look Like?

Develop A Localization Plan

Start with developing a robust localization plan that will help you meet your global SaaS platform goals. Make sure your SaaS platform localization plan is directly aligned with your global business expansion objectives. A well-crafted SaaS platform localization plan will keep your team on track and work together to achieve desired outcomes. Your localization plan should also mention the tools you will be using, the approach you will be adopting, the resources and budget you have for project management, and the objectives that you want to meet.

Assemble Your Localization Team

Once you have made your localization plan, it’s time to develop your team of experienced and qualified translators, designers, and developers. The overall credibility of your localization project depends on the expertise of your team. Similarly, it is also important to hire a reliable project manager who will be responsible for executing the entire localization plan and giving directions to other team members. You can also partner with professional language service providers that will work on your localization projects and get paid accordingly.

Manage Your Localization Processes 

Using the right approaches and methods to manage your translation and localization tasks is essential. You need to prioritize your localization tasks and manage each task based on its significance. You can have a discussion with other team members about the most effective ways to manage certain tasks. Instead of using manual translation management processes, you need to bring in some automation. It will reduce the excessive workload of your team and increase their performance.

Do Translation & Proofreading 

You should have all the right tools and experienced linguists in place to effectively manage your translation workload. You can choose to work with in-house translators, freelancers, or language service providers to meet your translation needs. For SaaS platform translation, you can also use machine translation tools to generate automated translations and proofread them afterward by expert human translators. Professional localization platform also contain advanced translation editing tools for seamless translation proofreading and editing.

Platform Maintenance 

Keep your SaaS platform up to date. You need to keep doing modifications to your SaaS platform as time changes. For instance, languages change with time, improved payment methods may come in, and we may have better technology in the future, so you need to keep evolving with time. If a certain feature is not working for your SaaS platform, you can change, remove or modify it anytime; because, in the end, it’s all about creating a wonderful user experience.

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