Every trek has something very beautiful inside it. Even though some seem to be so imperfect; it is in a way perfect with their glorifying beauty. If you are a person who is coming here to find out all the imperfections of this particular trek, then you will fail in that. This is because even in an outsider’s eye, this particular trek seems to be perfect.

You might think that certain moments will make you feel disappointed here, but that is not the case. This is one such best Himalayan trek that will not make you feel disappointed. From the very old Janglik village, with all its reminiscence of the traditions, not completely touched by the civilizations, you can see this particular trek. The trail that reaches the Janglik, will pave a path for you to move into a deep forest as well as the meadows called Dayara.


If you are a person who admires the beauty of nature, then you will be pausing your trekking at this very moment when you may feel like enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of this place, that is, the Dayara meadows. You will be like moving out of these meadows after some time with a perception that the meadows are over. But I can guarantee you that your perception is wrong. This is because you will be passing on to a trail that moves to Lytham and that trail is also filled with deep forest and other such beautiful meadows.


Along the way to Lytham, you will pass through another place called Dhunda. The place that is near the mountain region of the alpine will be so beautiful that any campsite will give you that sort of beauty. This will be such a great climb that welcomes you. Barua is another zone which is located on the other side of this particular trail or the pass. It is yet another charming village that also follows the ancient as well as the traditional norms and cultural practices. The old houses present here, the trees full of fruits, and the alleyways; all these are making the place a paradise. The Buran Ghati trek is tough, having an extremely thrilling experience by crossing the paths.

Best time to visit

You must need some time to enjoy the beauty of this Buran Ghati trek, which is part of the Himalayan trek, properly. So, you may need to spend many days to enjoy this particular trek as a whole.

Autumn season:

You are advised to visit this particular trek during the summer as well as the autumn season.

Summer days

In summer days, that is, from mid-May to the end of June, the temperature during the daytime will be between 13 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees Celsius. Whereas during the night time the temperature will come below 0 degrees at places which are also the campsites.

In May

you will be finding the presence of snow in the Lytham area. June month is a time when you can expect snow in the Dhunda area of the alpine campsite. In the summer season, there will be a dramatic wall of ice, especially in June. This will be a major attraction for all the tourists who visit here. One of the peculiar things about this trek is that most of the daredevils used to visit here during the summer season as it is more adventurous during that time.

Mid-September to mid-October

During the autumn time which is from mid-September to mid-October, the temperature in the daytime will be between 12 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature will be as low as -4 degrees Celsius to minus -5 degree Celsius. In the areas near Dhunda, you may experience frost. In the Buran Ghati pass, the weather condition will not be advisable and hence there are possibilities of snowfall.


However, this is such a smaller season, and usually daredevils used visit in these particular seasons. During October, the first winter snow will be happening every year. This trek is available to all the daredevils and visitors from May to October. Sometimes until the start of November, it won’t be available. Around 20 km duration will be there for this particular trek. The timings, as well as the accessibility, will go like this as far as the Buran Ghati trek is concerned. The base camps will be available at Jangalik which has its base in Himachal Pradesh.

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