How to Draw A Corgi

How to Draw a Corgi A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw a Corgi A Step-by-Step Guide

There are many different breeds of dogs worldwide, leaving many options for a favorite type! Some like big dogs, some like small ones, and some like any canine companion they meet. Some breeds are even more famous because famous people like them too. 

Having the Queen of England as a fan is hard to beat, as she loves the adorable corgi. This has caused many people to love this species and has done multiple wonders on how to draw a corgi. This step-by-step guide on how to draw a corgi in six steps is a tutorial fit for a deity!

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How to Draw a Corgi let’s Get Started.

Step 1

We will start this guide on how to draw a corgi by beginning with the head. Corgis have furry heads with big ears, so we’ll remove those elements for your corgi.

First, you can make the two ears by drawing two large curved lines with a smaller line between them for the top of the head. Then you can draw some curved lines with sharp and jagged parts for the side of the head.

Once you’ve finished this outline, you’ll be ready to move!

Step 2

Now that you have the outline of your corgi’s head, you can start on your corgi’s body. Corgis have small, stocky bodies with short legs. This is how we will draw yours! Using some curved lines, carefully remove from the outline of the head to make your corgi’s back and chest.

Then you can draw some short legs and paws under the chest. Finally, pull a tail on the back with another short leg attached to another curved line for this step. It might sound a bit complicated, but follow the reference image closely to ensure you don’t get lost!

Step 3

You’ll draw an adorable face in this step of our guide on how to draw a corgi! You can use two colored black circles for the corgi’s eyes, but with a small white spot on each one to make it shine. The nose will be made in the shape of a rounded triangle. 

Then you can use two rounded lines for a smiling mouth below the nose. Be sure to add a tongue sticking out for extra cuteness! Finally, add some lines to the left foot at the front of your drawing to create the leg for this step.

Step 4

We’ll start adding details to your corgi drawing in the next step. First, draw some shapes inside the outlines of the ears to create the inner ear sections. As shown in the reference image, you can then draw some curved lines going down from the top of the head and around the eyes. Finally, add some detail to the legs to show off the toe splits.

Step 5

It’s almost time to move on to the final coloring stage of this guide on how to draw a corgi, but before we do, we have a few more details to add. These details will go around your corgi’s shoulders and just above your feet. You can achieve these details by using some jagged lines to create a furry effect. Then you can add some whisker details and small bars throughout the drawing as finishing touches. 

Once you’ve added these details, what else will you add to give this drawing your contact? You could draw some toys for your corgi to play with or create an excellent background too! Since corgis have a royal reputation, you could even wear a crown! The possibilities are endless, and you should let your creativity run wild. How will you customize this adorable corgi drawing?

Step 6

This final part of your corgi drawing is where you can let your creativity flow as you incorporate some beautiful colors into your image! As you can see in our reference image, we used brown, beige, and pink for our corgi image, but you can use any color you’d like. This is your drawing, so you shouldn’t feel restricted in expressing yourself through color. 

Even if you decide on a more realistic color scheme for your corgi, you can still inject some color into your image by coloring in any background details you’ve added.

You can also change the appearance of the color by playing with different artistic mediums. Whether you use a painterly medium like acrylic or watercolor, or maybe you choose colored crayons, pens, and pencils, there is no wrong answer, and whatever you choose will look great.

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